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Gas Stations - High prices
I definitely don't buy things at gas stations, at least if I can help it. The prices are exorbitant, even on a soda or something! If I'm in a hurry or too lazy to go to the grocery store, I'll generally at least run in...
Posted by: LindaKay in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 8 minutes ago
Amazon or eBay?
---Quote (Originally by Denis Hard)--- Amazon is more trustworthy but since everything in life involves taking risks, I prefer buying my stuff on ebay because the used stuff they sell there is much cheaper. In fact,...
Posted by: Annabell in Online Shopping - 10 minutes ago
Any Gamers Out There?
---Quote (Originally by ACSAPA)--- Agreed, I'm waiting for a price drop and then I'll buy both. I'm not a fan of one console over the other. I buy both so that I don't miss any exclusives. I'm still kind of mad about...
Posted by: Annabell in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 11 minutes ago - Get Paid To Search
---Quote (Originally by Nickchick)--- Yeah it sounds like a good idea but there are so many other places that reward you for searching that it almost doesn't seem worth it. However, it is a nice idea to be rewarded for...
Posted by: Annabell in Hot Deals - 14 minutes ago
Are there still any door to door sales persons?
They're still around! I think there are fewer types of them now, though. For example, there are no longer encyclopedia men who travel door to door because no one is going to buy real encyclopedias any more. And...
Posted by: Jessi in Misc & Others - 15 minutes ago
Do You Use Coupons or Shop on Sale?
---Quote (Originally by mythman)--- I'm not sure if 'we Americans' just "get" coupons---here (in Oklahoma City, state of Oklahoma) there are the coupons printed & given with the Daily Oklahoman newspaper...
Posted by: Annabell in Food & Drink - 20 minutes ago
Do You Come Up With Your Own Deals or Find Them Online?
I usually just do it myself. I have followed those websites before that match them up and they seem great in theory. In reality, though, I don't clip coupons every week, nor do I go grocery shopping every week. I...
Posted by: Jessi in Coupons - 31 minutes ago
Doing the laundry
It might actually cause me to be more diligent about my laundry, now that I think about it. I end up putting my laundry off and doing it at 2 am sometimes because I discover I need clean clothes and don't have any...
Posted by: Jessi in Home & Garden - 41 minutes ago
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