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Jobandcash scam!!!

I never heard of these websites before, but wanted to add this comment to round the information.Those sites looking the same come from a PTC "mother" company from which they get "white label" branding to replicate the same site...
53 minutes ago - - Scams = To Good To Be True

pay day loans - ILLEGAL

Credit cards can lead you to bankruptcy, only that it takes longer for this, and credit cards are a legal, but indeed predatory, financial instruments.However when it comes to payday loans, these are illegal just in a few states of the United...

Over The-phone Purchases?

Chiofthenorns is pointing at an important key factor to keep in mind, not just good for the caller, but also for the telemarketer who makes a living from hard-earned commissions depending on your acceptance or declination.There is a huge...
1 hour ago - - Misc & Others

Will the Internet Kill Cable/Satellite TV?

Greed, corruption and so on. Sadly those values overcome what should be other values and we consumers are seen exclusively as a form of income and not as people who have health, needs and are equal to them.
2 hours ago - - Digital & Web TV

Picking Up Flowers

I was meaning your second option, I just pick them in the gardens or woods around where I live, fortunately there are a few, and I can make simple, but beautiful arrangements. Anyone doing this knows that the flowers we pick up that way last well...
2 hours ago - - Gifts & Flowers

Suggestion: Minimalist Living

After reading your posts I can say there is an ongoing confusion here with the terms "minimalist living" for "frugal living" which is kind of the same thing but the term minimalist is widely use to describe indeed architectonic...
2 hours ago - - Suggestions & Feedback

Buy Or Get A Pet?

It's a matter of social organization even at this level. Sure, we have the right to buy what we want as long as we can afford it, but it's not exactly wise or rational both from the economical or human perspective, considering there are...
2 hours ago - - Pets

Idenity Theft Can Happen To Anyone

Once I realized that my location could be accessed by literally anyone, I turn the tracking possibility off whenever I don't need it, what means most of the time except if I am using GPS. It's really easy to do, just one click away.
2 hours ago - - Other Insurance Type