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Save 15% Off

Be sure to visit Haggerty Lures and use code when you go shopping on their web and get a 15%...

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Save 20% Off

20% off your first order for all LinkedIn members! Enter Promo Code at checkout. Guides, Tackle Shops contact…

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Not Really Needed

, I think to "save" on money, if the item is expensive, then just buy it when Dec. comes, since most companies give a holiday bonus. :)

Do You Make Or Buy Food You Give As Gifts?

I often bake items I know people like and give it to them as a gift. I like to bake and I like to hear people say how good the item I gave them taste. For my son-in law I add hot chocolate or tea to his gift to make it special.

Buying Food At The End Of The Month

I haven't really noticed this, but then again as others have noted, I haven't really been on the lookout for it either. The only thing I did hear with regards to day of the week as that Wednesdays are usually when grocery stores mark down stuff like fresh...

Cheap Brands

A couple years ago I started trying to shed some of my money wasting shopping habits, particularly when it came to grocery shopping. I had started to pay more attention to exactly how much I was spending per month on food, and it was way more than I ever did about...

What's For Dinner That's Costs Less?

This is why I always keep plenty of pasta stocked up in my pantry - absolute worse case scenario, I could get buy on some pasta with olive oil, fresh garlic, parsley and some romano cheese, and it costs me hardly anything. Plus I don't feel like I'm...

Do You Wait To Watch Movies Online?

Yep, I sure do. I pretty much never go to the theater. When I do go, it's for a special treat and it's usually with friends and for a specific movie that would be better on the big screen (like high action movies with lots of special effects). Otherwise,...

Do You Think Utilities Should Charge High Fees For Online Payments?

I don't think they should. Honestly, it's making their jobs easier, too, because there's no involvement with paper checks and no one has to manually process the payments. I won't pay the convenience charge, though, because I think it's silly.

Trying Cheaper Foods?

What's kind of frustrating is that some cuts of meat, for example, which were traditionally considered cheaper cuts of meat and priced less as a result of such, have been climbing up in price in recent years as various food trends have been emerging. Buffalo...