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I learned about this one from a lady in the UK. You won't be able to accept all the jobs, but most of them you canI decided it wasn't worth continuing for the amount of money I would get. I haven't even gone there in close to a year, now. The glitches...

Skin Tag Remover

I had one on the neck too and decided to see if I could get it to dry out enough to pull off. I put surgical spirit on it multiple times per day and after a week or so it became dry enough to just yank off. My word, it bled though! I was concerned I'd done...

Retail Credit

Store credit is a necessary evil. Not everyone can go without a big ticket appliance for a prolonged amount of time whilst they save for a replacement. For example, it would probably take me around three months to save the money needed for a new cooker if mine was to...

I was thinking of trying this, but here in Canada it's more expensive.I can just go to a big box store and pick up a pack of disposables for $5 that will last me 2 months.

Canary Islands With Children

Well, Fuerteventura is known for being the quietest Canary Isle. One of the bigger resorts on Tenerife might be more suitable, such as Playa de las Americas, although it does get very busy during school holidays.

Tourists And Bargaining

It's definitely nice to be able to spend money isn't it. Like you, Corzhens, my OH always says that we are on holiday and that we should just enjoy ourselves any time I suggest doing something to save a little cash. I will admit though, I'm not really...


Thankfully, I've no plans to visit the sea area around Somalia although I do agree that there is a very real risk of encountering piracy there. Hopefuully, they won't be visiting the UK any time soon.

Garden Sprinkler

We are thinking of buying a garden sprinkler for our backyard. During summer, the heat of the sun can dry up the leaves of newly planted vegetables and our recourse now is to put a little shade to lessen the heat. But we also think that if the surroundings are wet...