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Aging Products
I don't trust anti aging products. My mother never used them but always looked 20 years younger than her age. I think it all comes down to your lifestyle. Dont stress and eat clean. That will keep you young!
Posted by: CrystalMarie in Health & Beauty - 18 minutes ago
phone camera or digital camera
---Quote (Originally by TuRon Davis)--- Nowadays I find myself using my phone camera for just about everything. Since technology had advanced with camera phone megapixels, I really don't see any use for my digital...
Posted by: DesignerMum in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 20 minutes ago
When watching TV or Movies, what's your favorite snack/treat to eat?
---Quote (Originally by ACSAPA)--- I have an air popcorn maker that I paid $16 for on Amazon. For $1.88 worth of Great Value popping corn kernels, you can have popcorn for a month. Making popcorn from a jar of popping...
Posted by: Strykstar in Food & Drink - 23 minutes ago
Do You Make a List When Shopping For Clothes?
I never make a shopping list when I go clothes shopping. I always know what I am going for but sometimes I just get what I think looks good and what I like. Normally the only time that I wrote down something before...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Fashion & Apparel - 24 minutes ago
Do you ever refuse to tip when you eat out?
---Quote (Originally by GenevB)--- Yes, sometimes when the service is awful and the food it's not tasty at all and you have to wait a lot for your order there's no way you shall leave any tip. After all it's only your...
Posted by: Strykstar in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 25 minutes ago
Sub Way Sandwiches
Subway isn't the only company to do this, just about every fast food chain does it. Try comparing the ads for McDonald's, Burger King, Taco bell, etc with the actual items that you get when you buy them, it's not even...
Posted by: Strykstar in Product Reviews - 27 minutes ago
Tea as a medicine
When I have a cold, I drink hot tea all the time. I honestly do not like taking medicine so I turn to tea. My mother started it when I was younger. She use to make me hit tea and put peppermint and honey in it to cure...
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Health & Beauty - 28 minutes ago
Drinking with a straw
I personally don't drink with a straw, but I'm curious of the effect it might have on children's teeth, would it be possible that it would harm their growth, the same way that using a pacifier for too long does? Or is...
Posted by: Strykstar in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 29 minutes ago
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