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I never got to own one, but when I was in grade school, it was quite popular, and people wore socks underneath it as well, hehe. Right now though, I'm leaning toward flip-flops and sandals when I go out, but not Birks...
Posted by: sidney in Fashion & Apparel - 3 minutes ago
Learn To Sew
I think that only people that have the inclination to sew clothes as a hobby would consider doing that. Sewing clothes takes time and effort, so you're better off just buying cheap ready made clothes in the mall or...
Posted by: sidney in Fashion & Apparel - 14 minutes ago
MacDonalds toys
While every once in a while they release a series of interesting, collectible toys - like the Wizard of Oz toys they put out last year -- most of these toys are junk. I remember when we were younger we actually got toys...
Posted by: NikkiDesrosiers in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 22 minutes ago
Temporary tattoos
There is nothing wrong with temporary tattoos. They pose no health threats. I mean we all wore them as kids too. Does any one remember the lickable tattoos that came inside the fruit stripe gum wrappers? Back in the day...
Posted by: NikkiDesrosiers in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 25 minutes ago
Reading books
I absolutely loved reading as a child. Books took me on adventures I never could have imagined up all on my own. I was reading on a college level by the time I was in fifth grade. My daughter is two months old, but her...
Posted by: NikkiDesrosiers in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 27 minutes ago
Top 3 Favorite Films of All Time
I have admittedly bad taste in movies, but some of my favorite movies include Anchorman, Donnie Darko and Airplane. I'm not sure if Airplane is actually my third favorite, but I can't think of something I'd rather put...
Posted by: MikeyPaine in Movies, Music & Games - 29 minutes ago
Optimizing space: bunk beads
I love the look and idea of bunk beds -- but they always feel dangerous to me - especially for small children. Although there are a few models out now that optimize space by putting a desk or a dresser where the bottom...
Posted by: NikkiDesrosiers in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 31 minutes ago
I cannot draw a lick but I love to color. I used to color in coloring books all the time with my siblings. I remember teaching them how to shade and color and make things stand out in their pictures. My daughter is only...
Posted by: NikkiDesrosiers in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 36 minutes ago
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