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By radzi 38 minutes ago in Phone, Internet & TV

Good Anti-virus Deal!

: Thanks for the information. My KIS is fast expiring and I need to buy a new license. Meanwhile, I just want to assess a few of the other programs that are available. My experience with Avast free version was not a positive one. Does the premier...

By janetsjunk1972 2 hours ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Aldi - Love Or Hate?

When I was growing up we went to Aldi's from time to time and I always remember it being dirty and dingy. When I first went to Aldi's as an adult, I was surprised by how much it had changed for the better. The place was cleaned up and...

By MrsJones 2 hours ago in Sports & Fitness

Do You Catch And Throw Or ...

I always go with the intention of catching enough to cook. Sometimes if they're not biting and we only get a couple, we'll toss them back because it's not worth the effort. We always throw back ones that are too small, too.

By junemoon 2 hours ago in Fashion & Apparel

Do You Only Buy Clothes If They Are On Sale?

I absolutely focus on the sales and clearances, too! It is very rare for me to pay full price for an item and it's only when I need a particular item and can't wait. For example, I went to a wedding last year and discovered that the...

By JoanMcWench 3 hours ago in Food & Drink

Bbq Season: Cheap Heats?

Anyone have any suggestion as to cheap but equally delicious things to toss on the grill in the summer/spring time? I know if it's seasonal it's cheaper but I wanted more than just tossing things onto the grill & hoping a char adds...

By Zyni 3 hours ago in Food & Drink

Hamburger Patties Or Bulk Ground Beef

Are you referring to the frozen patties already made up? I'm not a fan of those. If you're referring to the made up patties in the meat deli I also avoid those. Not because they're bad but because you pay for the work others are...

By Zyni 3 hours ago in Food & Drink

What Kind Of Hot Dogs Do You Buy?

I only buy beef hot dogs. Period. I'm not a huge fan of pork related products or mystery products & regular ole hot dogs really are all over both those aspects. Double coverage? Pick up some Kosher dogs. :D

By ACSAPA 3 hours ago in Food & Drink

Have You Guys Tried Dollar Tree $1 Meats?

I've tried the pork sausage, fish, & a few beef cuts. Not a fan. Particularly the size of the fish/beef for a dollar but also the fat content of the sausage. I'm not a fan of porn generally speaking but this product seemed to be a...