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I don't think so. Television is full of violence and sex, not only fictional shows but news programs constantly talk about murders etc. and those can prove to be damaging to kids as well but with proper parental...
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How long should it take to migrate your information?
There isn't. Data transfer will always take a while due to the read and write speeds of modern hard drives. Of course, Solid State Drives will make it a bit easier; however, they're an expensive option for a temporary...
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Perfect Tortilla is Fantastic!
Thanks for the recommendation, I checked it out after seeing this post and it does seem pretty neat. I agree with Oakster that it can probably be done with muffin trays but I think it's alright to spend on this to get...
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Would you trust a $120 desktop computer?
I would trust it. I think it is already a somewhat average price nowadays for a computer without the monitor and keyboard. If it included the extras I would be a bit more skeptical but nonetheless I think it would at...
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Would You Eat Raw Meat
I don't often eat rare meats, mainly because much of the commercially processed meat has been through too many different hands before it gets to my plate and the chances for contamination are much higher. Plus when you...
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Would You Be Embarassed To Use Food Stamps?
I get really annoyed when some obnoxious moron in line starts making cracks about people using food stamps. We all pay our taxes into these programs, so if someone has been working for 10-15 years or so, then suddenly...
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Are you confident in opening up your laptop and performing maintenance?
Not really. I was confident before with taking apart my CPU but for some reason I'm a bit more hesitant when it comes to laptops. I never really took it apart just to clean it anyway and I mostly just did it to exchange...
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