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Breakfast ideas?
I've always been told that protein should help you stay full for much longer. However if you are getting that protein with a ton of sugar, such as in a smoothie, that may not help you out as much. For me, it's always...
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What are things that shows or movies do to make you dislike them?
I could keep writing about things that annoy me on shows all day, lol. For many years I quit watching TV all together, but these days I will sometimes leave shows running in the background on my computer while I am...
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I recommend Sandboxie.
Since Sandboxie hates me, I am currently trying Shadow Defender. I like it so far because it's really easy. You just restart your computer and the junk is all gone. Also even though it probably helps that I'm not doing...
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Board Games
---Quote (Originally by prettycolors)--- I play some Monopoly at least once a month with my friends. I also bough some cheap board games second hand (complete) so we're experimenting quite a lot. It's a fun way to...
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Do You Go to the Movies Anymore?
Almost exclusively with friends and usually it's some sort of midnight premiere that's more about hanging out before hand than going to see the actual movie. It's just too damn expensive to go very often these days. I...
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Prince Is Back With Warner Bros - Will Release Remastered Back Catalog Plus New Album
Disclaimer, I used to be a die hard Prince fan back in the 80's & 90's and would collect all his albums and bootlegged material, in addition to moderating a very active fan forum for 7 or so years. In the 90's he was...
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What is your favorite machine at the gym?
For me, I have a great personal preference for the stair-master for cardio and leg strength training. I've found I'm always exhausted after using it and it gives me a better workout than running on the treadmill. ...
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Personal Trainers: Because they say so?
A personal trainer is there to push you as much as they are there to give you exercise training. I know for me, my workouts are much better when I'm with a buddy. Why? Because we try and outwork each and leads to a much...
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