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Big's Furniture
Being new to the area (Las Vegas) and leaving everything I owned in NY I had to purchase new furniture. A friend recommended Big's Furniture because they easily accept new applicants for credit. I went ahead and checked...
Posted by: LadyMiles in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 13 minutes ago
Do You Make a List When Shopping For Clothes?
No, I don't go clothes shopping with a list. I'm usually going to buy something in particular when I go clothes shopping. I really don't need a list. But I only shop for myself. If I had to buy for a family, then I...
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Are you tempted by free gifts from insurers?
No, free gifts don't lure me to buy from insurance companies. I choose my insurance company based on the best value for my money. Gifts have no affect on me. The costs of those gifts are passed on to the consumers one...
Posted by: Parker in Auto Insurance - 19 minutes ago
Disposable toilet seat covers
---Quote (Originally by ExpertAdvice)--- I must be living in a cave or in space, *this is the first time that I have ever! heard about disposable toilet seat covers, thanks for bringing it to my attention my friend!*...
Posted by: Parker in Product Reviews - 23 minutes ago
Eating from different places
It really depends on the time that I have to gather all of my food, but yeah, I'll get my main dish from one place and some awesome side dishes or a drink from another due to pricing.
Posted by: Sugarhill in Food & Drink - 41 minutes ago
What Do You Think Of Apple Watch?
I'm interested in seeing the final product, but I'd rather have a watch that isn't so dependent on one type of phone. I prefer being able to switch up various gadgets in my workflow, that's why I'm not jumping at...
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Suggestion: Quoting
Great suggestion! ---Quote (Originally by Trex78)--- Suggestion: Quoting ---End Quote--- Done.
Posted by: dpf in Suggestions & Feedback - 52 minutes ago
What is the one product that you bought that was utterly disappointing?
Tater mitts! First off, I'm a little obsessed with As Seen On TV items. My mom bought me a pair of tater mitts as a joke one year for Christmas but I was so excited to try them out to get all the skin off the potatoes...
Posted by: kbroder9 in As Seen on TV - 54 minutes ago
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