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Latest discussions on forum

By Zyni 56 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Do It Yourself To Save Money

I'm not very handy when it comes to stuff like that I have to admit. If I tried to do it myself it would probably end up costing more as I'd have to get somebody in to fix the mess I'd have made!I think if your that way inclined...

By Gelsemium 57 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Sweet potatoes

My grandmother just shared with me a great "recipe", she just salts the sweet potatoes, she doesn't even peels them, she puts them in the oven and they are ready to eat. And they are delicious, I've tried them and they are very...

By MrsJones 1 hour ago in Mortgage & House Payments

Help In Difficult Times...

As far as mortgage providers go, I have never been in the situation myself but a few friends have and while your paying every month, on time with no issues then they can be your best friends, always happy to help and reassuring you that if ever...

By Zyni 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Do You Ever Get Tired Of Cooking The Same Things?

Well, yeah, if you starve them they'll eat anything, haha. ;) Kidding, but yeah, they do tend to eat better when they're really hungry.It really is great to be a kid, knowing that someone else will do everything for you, and wants to do...

By pwarbi 1 hour ago in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks

Theyre All The Same?

Well it gives me some comfort knowing its not just me then!The webchat service a lot of these companies can be absolutely appalling. I thought this was supposed to make it easier but the ones I've dealt with anyway are the most ignorant,...

By firelily99 1 hour ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions

Who would you be?

Yes, a society that made sense would be something I would fight for, but most likely I would be killed on the day I would try to make an effort in that direction, money and power is what matters the most in this world.

By Gelsemium 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Eating Habits

I do have an unusual habit. When I eat those yummy battered chicken with fries, I'll eat the fries first and when I'm finished with them I'll eat the chicken. Last will be the coleslaw. If I'm eating rice and veg with any meat,...

By Gelsemium 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

Weak Nails On Kids

I don't think much about what I am eating because if I did most likely my diet would change dramatically. I almost don't drink milk because it hurts me, I get breathing issues, it's a shame because it tastes good. :)As for the...