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Do You Maintain Your Home Appliances?

Since I've out of work for about six months which has given me time to really look at the condition of our home appliances. Not just the cleaning but how they are operating. So now I've retrieved the owner's manuals to get a handle on what to expect...

Do You Recycle Makeup?

Having worked for several companies this wouldn't work for many reasons. The Body Shop used to do this, but refilling plastic bottles can be dangerous due to contamination. Basically people can sue for reactions and if a container has not been sterilized then a...

Need Real Diet Tips

I'd recommend stepping up the exercise. You need at least 30 minutes medium intensity cardio (which includes a brisk walk) at least three times a week. Walking 1-2 times per week won't really help.

Ebay, Amazon Or An Alternative Marketplace In 2015?

I don't think people will be flocking to any alternative marketplaces this year. People tend to stick with what they know and feel safe with. Although Bonanza is an adorable site and I'm rooting for them to succeed, I still think some of the sellers set...


Yes, I almost never buy books anymore because compared to ebooks, they're quite overpriced in my opinion. And books take up room. After a few years, you'll end up with a whole pile of them in which you have no intent on reading again. For me, once I finish...

Skin Tag Remover

Jeesh the more I am reading in this forum, the least likely I am going to think about buying As seen on TV prdoucts. It really does not sound like it is going to be worth it. I have noticed that no one has much good to say about any of these products it seems.

Best As Seen On Tv Product You Have Purchased?

I really haven't bought much from the As Scene on TV category, but one thing I bought was the pasta maker with the quick drain lid. The pot bent and had to be junked after awhile...but I still have the drain lid and I use that from time to time with other...

Canada Or The Us?

Although I love the U.S, it is my country, and I am proud of it even though we have our problems. I would recommend Canada if you have a choice. YOu have health care affordable for everyone, generally nice people from what I can see, and no gun problems like we have...