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By SuperSavingMom 1 year ago in Hot Deals

Claim Your $25 Nike Gift Card by Completing this easy Nike Survey! usa deal..hurrie will end soon!!

I came a cross this cool offer, its verry easy , just follow the easy steps, fill in the ooo soo easy Survey,, and get your ... it runs a usa deal only,, so you have to be from the united states,, ill look if i can find for other countrys too......

By Akya 1 year ago in Software PC & Mac

Do you use the preinstalled browser on you computer? (IE for Windows, Safari for OS X)

I use Safari on my Macbook Pro but Google Chrome on my PC. I found Safari is fast and reliable whereas IE can lag or when you install programs, they add an annoying toolbar or feature to IE. Sadly I've found some websites in Japan (like the...

By radishes 1 year ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

What size is your computer monitor?

I'm planning on giving my mom a computer monitor this year. The one she has is too small. It's only 16 inches so she definitely needs an upgrade! I currently have a 21 inch monitor- it's okay but do you think she needs something...

By jtucci21 1 year ago in Internet Broadband Access

Any way to get away from Comcast for internet when they're the only provider??

I'm either at a loss or just not looking hard enough. I'm trying to get away from Comcast as an internet provider because I loathe them, but I can't seem to find anyone else in my area (Philadelphia). Any recommendations? Is it...

By mistymi 1 year ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

When do you prefer cheaper computer gear/electronics?

Expensive tends to be better but what types of parts or accessories do you not mind or even prefer if they're on the cheaper side?I don't care about expensive mouses and keyboards anymore even as someone who plays fast paced games...

By pandandesign 1 year ago in Digital & Web TV

Will you able to surf any website on a smart TV like a computer can?

I have heard about smart TVs and the main difference is that you're able to stream videos and surf on the internet. I don't know if smart TVs do have the same functionality ad the computer or a smartphone does. Will you able to surf any...

By pahagwl 1 year ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

What additional features do you expect from your smartphone in the coming years?

The pace with which the power and features of our smartphonss have increased recently is nothing short of extraordinary. Only a few years ago, smartphones did not even exist. But now they are capable of doing almost every task. So, I wanted to...

By Denis Hard 11 months ago in Auto Insurance

Choose you car based on what your insurance company will charge?

People buy cars based on how expensive or how cheap they are but they never factor in what it will cost to keep the car on the road but since we're talking about insurance we'll stick to that.Insurance companies will calculate the...