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I'm really not a fan of these type of dresses at all. They really do look like a tent on me and the few times that I have worn one, I've had to walk around holding the thing down to stop it from blowing up in the breeze!I still wear it around the house from...

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I like to add it to noodles and rice instead of soy sauce, but usually after cooking rather than cooking with it. You can also use it to flavor fried potatoes and onions. I use toasted sesame oil which you can use as a dressing in salads, or on leftover pasta instead...

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donate them to a charity of their choice.If your clothes still are in great condition then selling them would be a great move. You can use the proceeds to replace the clothes you've sold which means you'd spend only a fraction of the money you set aside for...

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I mean sometimes it is good to find something that is cheaper, but other times it is harder. Holidays are always the best because you are able to find good deals during them. That is one time of the year that I like shopping for the things that I need. Especially...

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Wow, that is great that you were able to find something like that! I mean we see all the time that you want to buy all these name brand products when they may not even be the best. That's why when I start shopping, I'm going to go for the food that...