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Are Hot wheels dangerous?
I couldn't imagine anyone being able to swallow an entire Hot Wheel car. The only way that I could see them to even potentially be dangerous would be if a wheel or something broke off of it. However, that is unlikely,...
Posted by: dorann in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 10 minutes ago
Doing the laundry
Nope, all of our stuff goes into the machines together, and I'll throw in a colour catcher to go with it, and we've never had any problems really. Once or twice, when it's a newer shirt or something we'll have a bit of...
Posted by: Annabell in Home & Garden - 14 minutes ago
Video game expansions: Do you need them on day 1?
It depends. Some DLC I can very much do without, the character skins, weapon skins, that sort of thing. I've never heard of buying a patch though. I'll play as long as possible usually, and if I come up against a game...
Posted by: Annabell in Movies, Music & Games - 16 minutes ago
Public swimming pools
I guess we have a public pool? You have to pay to get in. Does that mean it isn't public? I'm not sure :s
Posted by: Annabell in Sports & Fitness - 21 minutes ago
Rice or Pasta?
I eat both of them, too, and I know that neither are that great for me. I see rice and couscous as totally different foods, though. I don't like couscous and the texture is definitely very different. Even white rice...
Posted by: Jessi in Food & Drink - 28 minutes ago
Do you pay for freebies indirectly?
I'm not sure I have seen what you're referring to. I have seen samples included on full-sizes products before, but it's usually manufactured by the same company. As in, there might be a shampoo that also includes a...
Posted by: Jessi in Freebies and Giveaways - 40 minutes ago
Libraries have changed
It's true. Even one of my old libraries that always seemed like it would never change and stayed out-of-date for the longest time.... is overrun by computers and DVDs now. I think a lot of people only visit there for...
Posted by: Jessi in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 44 minutes ago
Best pet for a small flat.
Small dogs can still be manageable in a small apartment. I would recommend a cat or a smaller animal, though. I'm a huge fan of chinchillas myself ! You should also consider the level of commitment you can put into a...
Posted by: megshoe in Pets - 48 minutes ago
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