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Cleaning the external drive
You have to clean your external drive from time to time in order to keep it functioning properly. However, you should physically clean it using condensed air and non-abrasive cleaning cloths. Dust can accumulate on...
Posted by: troutski in Software PC & Mac - 8 minutes ago
What Is the Difference between "Movies" & "Cinema"?
I don't suppose there's a formula otherwise all movies made would be classics. It's the reception of the movie that elevates it to such a status. At the time it's made no one, not the director, actors or screenwriters...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Movies, Music & Games - 8 minutes ago
Best spots in a super market to get discounts.
Discount areas are really good to find bargains, however, it depends on the product as some lose their freshness. I find looking through catalogs with promotions and specials of big supermarket chains to be valuable to...
Posted by: Webene in Food & Drink - 10 minutes ago
Octa-core phone right now?
Why is this even a question? The number of available octa-core smartphones is incredibly low, and most applications aren't going to take advantage of the extra power. There's no reason to buy an octa-core phone, but...
Posted by: troutski in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 10 minutes ago
All New Movies Suck
I wouldn't say "all" but I certainly see where you're coming from. I agree with some of the posters that with things like CGI, the quality in terms of graphics has improved. In terms of ideas, everything has now been...
Posted by: Lushlala in Movies, Music & Games - 11 minutes ago
Do you buy Christmas Gifts for Pets?
While it's OK to be sentimental at times, I'd never go that far. I have never and never will buy a pet a Christmas gift. What's the point? It's not like the pet will know why it's getting the gift. Is it the thought...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Pets - 14 minutes ago
Do you buy movies or TV series packages?
I find online sources such as Netflix to be much more convenient in watching TV series and movies, so it is my preferred method of watching shows and films. For someone who enjoys binge watching various TV series,...
Posted by: Webene in Movies, Music & Games - 16 minutes ago
Every when do you clean your house or room?
I always clean the rooms where I spend most of my time 6 days a week. On Saturday I'm always too lazy to do any work but I get the rooms cleaned up Sunday morning because I don't have much work to do on then [on...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Home & Garden - 19 minutes ago
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