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What do you think of online jobs?
---Quote (Originally by ExpertAdvice)--- Before I ask you formally what your thoughts are about online jobs, I want to make my opinion. The best I've seen, PL, all others just seems to be shams, I am a good writer, I...
Posted by: clairebeautiful in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 22 minutes ago
Would you rather buy a phone at its full pricing or sign up with a contract to get a discount?
I am on a no-contract month-by-month plan, but we don't buy our phones brand new, outright. We buy the best we can get, used. That means, right now, we've just upgraded to iPhone 5's. Both my husband and I paid $200 a...
Posted by: clairebeautiful in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks - 26 minutes ago
Do women sleep more than men?
I've always been a big sleeper. I like to go to bed early and if my schedule permits, I'm always able to sleep in in the morning. My husband on average gets an hour or two less sleep than I do on a regular basis. He...
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What's Your Monthly Online Shopping Threshold?
I noticed that I'm becoming more of an impulsive shopper nowadays, so I don't really have a set amount when it comes to shopping online. I shop until I can afford it. But I try not to overspend though.
Posted by: sidney in Online Shopping - 32 minutes ago
My favorite fantasy novel
To this day, The Lord of the Rings still remains as my favorite fantasy novel. It's simply the best epic fantasy in my opinion. I'm currently reading Game of Thrones. I'm on the second book now. The first book had a...
Posted by: calebmelvern in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 51 minutes ago
Pixie cut
The only time I've ever had my hair that short was in Elementary school as well, when I wasn't really all that interested in it one way or the other and didn't really care. I would love a pixie cut if I thought it would...
Posted by: JessiFox in Fashion & Apparel - 51 minutes ago
Macy's 1 Day Sale - Where do you go for Black Friday?
I'm not a fan of Black Friday shopping- I'll stick to the online deals and then Cyber Monday stuff instead...on top of being potentially dangerous in some places (and how seriously ridiculous is that?), it's just a huge...
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Do You Use Bing?
Yes, I use Bing a lot. It has been my default search engine for a few months now. Google still does a far better job at returning results, especially for obscure queries. But Bing also works just fine. I particularly...
Posted by: calebmelvern in Misc & Others - 57 minutes ago
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