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Which brand of jeans do you prefer?
I'm not so picky with brands in general, especially for jeans...I'm much more focused on the style, colouring and fit. I don't really have a "go to" brand or anything but I do have a few styles I stick with the majority...
Posted by: JessiFox in Fashion & Apparel - 1 minute ago
Repurposed Clothes
I saw a great youtube video about how to make a cat or small dog bed from a used sweater. Suddenly I really regretted all the used sweaters with holes I had thrown away (small cosmetic holes not like giant ones). ...
Posted by: sthrngypsy in Fashion & Apparel - 2 minutes ago
Eating from different places
I also like eating food and drinks made from different stores. I have got some food that I like in one and other shops that I would like to enjoy at the same time. Luckily there are usually food courts in the shopping...
Posted by: Aurora in Food & Drink - 2 minutes ago
Using an apron, yes or no?
Well I *am* a woman, so that part isn't a problem for me, lol...and I certainly don't think it's exclusive to women by any means. I definitely like to wear it for doing dishes and such, like you I tend to be a bit messy...
Posted by: JessiFox in Home & Garden - 4 minutes ago
Do you think the price of boarding kennels really matters?
There may or may not be. It depends on the vet. Some have amenities and it is more home like. We have one here who has an amazing facility. MOST of the time I would go with pet sitting, though. Most pets are more...
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You'll have to buy Xbox One or PS4 to play Dying Light.
Not surprising at all. The 360 and PS3 are going to be around for a little while longer because plenty of people haven't purchased the newer consoles. We need to get to the point where developers aren't creating as many...
Posted by: troutski in Software PC & Mac - 5 minutes ago
I rarely iron, sometimes I will in small batches if I have enough clothes that need it, but mostly I just don't bother. It isn't my least favorite or most hated chore, but I'm not a fan of it either...I always just end...
Posted by: JessiFox in Home & Garden - 5 minutes ago
What do you have growing in your garden?
I don't have a garden yet, before we moved we had a fairly big one with a lot of produce growing, but we moved to an apartment and while I'd love to have a small kitchen one, I'm not sure of the feasibility of that...
Posted by: JessiFox in Home & Garden - 7 minutes ago
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