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Saving water and electricity
As far as I remember, I rarely leave faucets running. My parents are quite the misers so I guess their constant reminders to not waste water and to always be mindful of the things going on at home have stuck to my head....
Posted by: xTinx in Water - 8 minutes ago
Furless cats
They're quite popular pets although they're far from cute. I hear they're not as unruly as other cats, though. Scottish Fold, Tabby and Siamese cats are really a handful. I saw people raising furless cats and the cats...
Posted by: xTinx in Pets - 12 minutes ago
Homemade Houseplant Waterer?
Whenever I need to go away for a while and don't have anyone to look after my plants, I usually completely saturate them with water, so that there is plenty left in the tray. I usually put those plants that need a lot...
Posted by: Dora M in Misc & Others - 17 minutes ago
Emotional Eating
You know the saying "different folks, different folks"? That's how I perceive the idea of emotional eating. Different people have different coping mechanisms. Some would watch movies; some would sleep all day. Others...
Posted by: xTinx in Health & Beauty - 19 minutes ago
Packing (food) for the Trip
I always try to pack snacks for road trips. A lot of road side food is bad or really unhealthy. I find that you can save a lot of money that way. I also try to bring my own sandwiches on airplanes...these days they...
Posted by: pennylane in Travel - 20 minutes ago
"Word of Mouth" Advertising.. do you give stores good/bad Reviews?
I am just like you. I never forget places where I received bad service. Usually, I give these places the benefit of a doubt, as we can all have a bad day. But if I repeatedly have problems with a certain shop, I will...
Posted by: Dora M in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 22 minutes ago
Dinner for Breakfast
I have never really eaten typical breakfast foods. I like to start my day with a bowl of cooked quinoa, pumpkin and sesame butter. I also often prepare a quick vegetable soup, that I like to eat hot with plenty of...
Posted by: Dora M in Food & Drink - 27 minutes ago
Ever lost your credit card?
I lost my credit card twice in the past as I also had my wallet stolen twice. Well it wasn't such a difficult predicament but they had to change my card number all the time and I had to call the customer service in a...
Posted by: xTinx in Credit Cards - 29 minutes ago
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