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Do You Use Electric Kitchen Appliances To Avoid A Gas Bill?
Good to see that someone else watches that show. Anyways, back in Hawaii my friends and I use to barbecue a lot. No electricity and gas required for a open flame barbecue. There are rocket stoves that you can use to...
Posted by: JoshPosh in Gas & Electricity - 7 minutes ago
Online shops to stay way from?
You shouldn't actually use Craigslist for anything related to electronics and electronic products that can be easily turned into scams. I've had a friend buy a PSP once off of craigslist and he got an old game boy...
Posted by: erik120 in Online Shopping - 8 minutes ago
Refrigerators/Freezers Efficiency
I was told that keeping a plastic bottle of full of water in the freezer will lower electric cost. After it freezes it will help keep temperatures low when the refrigerator is cycling.
Posted by: JoshPosh in Gas & Electricity - 11 minutes ago
Arrow Free Redbox DVD Rental - Valid Today Only
Rent Movies Online - DVDs, Blu-Ray™ & Games | Movie Rentals at Redbox (http://Rent Movies Online - DVDs, Blu-Ray™ & Games | Movie Rentals at Redbox) Enter code: LKMNLK99 Valid today only
Posted by: RyanEscoot6 in Freebies and Giveaways - 11 minutes ago
Ever Got Food Poisoning?
---Quote (Originally by ohiotom76)--- Yes, my family ordered pizza from a local pizza joint and apparently it was contaminated with something bad, because they all got intensely sick from it. It got so bad that they...
Posted by: ExpertAdvice in Food & Drink - 13 minutes ago
Anyone know the cheapest places to buy an internet domain?
---Quote (Originally by Jessi)--- Most hosts will have deals for the first year. You can easily get one for $.99 or $2.99 for the first year from places like GoDaddy and BlueHost. Beware, though. The renewal cost...
Posted by: Hedonologist in Phone, Internet & TV - 13 minutes ago
Jiffy Scoop (Icecream spoon)
Yep, exactly what I was about to say, definitely for an ice cream parlor its a genious idea, for personal use not so much. I personally don't eat ice cream that much so I wouldn't have a frequent use for that, but when...
Posted by: erik120 in As Seen on TV - 13 minutes ago
Have you ever bought the full season of a tv show?
I bought the massive complete set of LOST, which was all 6 season on DVD. Most of the DVD discs that I own are part of that set. Otherwise I very rarely buy DVD's. I've never been a massive movie fan, and I simply watch...
Posted by: Hedonologist in Movies, Music & Games - 15 minutes ago
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