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Latest discussions on forum

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

If Prevention Is Better . . .

Absolutely! And right on about the responsibility aspect too.. it's extremely tough facing yourself and then forcing yourself to take responsibility. Its a tough road and a lot of work. I read one of those quotie things the other day.....

By Blossom 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

Using Only Water To Wash Face.

The problem with washing your face with only water is that it won't remove oils from your pores. It's the same thing with washing your hair with only water. It's going to dry your face out further and cause more harm than good,...

By Dora M 1 hour ago in Misc & Others

Dealing With Tired Staff

There have been times when I have called companies up to get answers, or query something, or get a quote or whatever, and you can hear the indifference, or just plain weariness in the customer service representative's voice. Like, you can...

By Zyni 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

Do You Sell Your Clothes To Consignment Stores?

Yes, I only take the clothes to these types of stores after having a clear-out of my wardrobe though. It is a great way to make space in your wardrobe, getting rid of clothes that don't fit you anymore, or just clothes that you're really...

By sidney 2 hours ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Was There A Time That Your Pc Malfunctioned When It Was Turned Off Abruptly?

Lmao. My Windows 7 disk is store bought and legitimate. It had no validation problems or anything like that, thank fully. I have enough problems with the legit version,never mind a pirated copy. My sister has a pirated copy, and for all of the...

By Zyni 2 hours ago in Seasonal & Holidays

Do you buy yourself Presents?

I always buy something nice for myself whenever I can afford it. Sometimes, I deliberate if I should buy it since I don't need it and it will just get stuck at home for sure, but I still buy it anyway to please myself, lol.

By butterfly1 2 hours ago in As Seen on TV


To me it just looks like a useless "make your life easier" product, it's no different from simply giving them a cup and a bowl of fruit. Personally I wouldn't recommend the product. I wouldn't bother with it as it seems...

By roy835 3 hours ago in Pets

Cats and the Cold

It's been a while since this thread was posted. I'm just wondering how are the kittens now? How many are they and did you take them in? What did you do to them in order for them not to suffer from winter? If you know people who love...