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Cleaning the external drive
I wouldn't advise using compressed air inside the drive. The hard drive has a small filtered hole on its chassis that allows for very minor airflow. This airflow is necessary for the read heads to "glide" over the...
Posted by: nonsiccus in Software PC & Mac - 37 minutes ago
Hot water tank insulation
Depending on your water heater, some will be an on-demand system where a heating element heats up the water when required. These systems are typically quite expensive and only found in newer homes. The average person's...
Posted by: nonsiccus in Gas & Electricity - 40 minutes ago
About Reputation System
---Quote (Originally by wulfman)--- Admin how do you get rid of the notifications at the top. I have 621 of them and it keeps flashing while I am browsing the forum. It is annoying. As for the reputation system yea...
Posted by: nonsiccus in News & Announcements - 42 minutes ago
[US Only] $50 OFF your first home service!
Get a $50 credit towards your first home service with SERVIZ! Good toward any services offered, for plumbing, appliance repair, carpet cleaning, and electrician for a 2 hour appointment window. Book your first SERVIZ...
Posted by: joshbenloul in Coupons - 54 minutes ago
Do you still buy gadgets from Ebay?
It's really not too difficult to avoid being scammed on eBay. I don't shop on the site because I don't like buying used electronic devices, but I purchase other things there. You can snag some great deals without...
Posted by: troutski in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
Air Freshener for cars?
I know what you mean about some air fresheners making you want to puke. I like the car to smell good but some of the commercial products are just awful. The other thing I hate is when they are all used up in like a...
Posted by: Mockingbird in Auto & Moto - 1 hour ago
Can you afford two cars?
there was a time I could afford two cars easily. Things have changed so much that these days I am struggling to keep one car afloat. It seems like even the smallest things are so expensive right now. I need my brakes...
Posted by: Mockingbird in Auto & Moto - 1 hour ago
Have you ever planted something you regretted?
I bought this mint called Lemon mint, it smelled so good. It was a hole $3 and I planted it outside. Boy did I regret that, it is now growing everywhere. I have no idea how it got to certain places, it had to be the...
Posted by: Mockingbird in Home & Garden - 1 hour ago
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