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How Often Do You Eat Per Day?

I believe that I eat between 4-6 times a day. Maybe more. I'm not fat, just slightly overweight. I do this because I rely on my father's genetics. He is able to eat and still be able to maintain a slight bulge on his stomach even at 63!...

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What's your breakfast food, if any?

I have a tendency to pig out on Mcdonald's food too much. I really love pancakes and try to eat them even beyond breakfast. It's not uncommon to find me eating them even at 6pm! I also like fruits such as oranges, (heavy on orange...

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Buying Used Makeup Online

I agree with the comments about bacteria etc. but there is another added worry. The is a definite shelf life of makeup. Mascara and foundation is 12 months from new and if it has been used the shelf life goes down. So you do not know if the item...

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Godfather's Pizza

I like to cook, but I don't cook as much as I'd like to because I don't really budget my money properly when it comes to grocery shopping. Since I like to grocery shop, when I go to buy groceries, I find myself acting like a kid in...

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Urban Outfitters Offensive Shirts

It is extremely insensitive! I doubt anybody would argue against that, ( I hope not, anyway). But a lot of things offend a lot of people. If we took out every offensive anything, there isn't going to be very much left. But who are we to tell...

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Do You Budget Your Utility Expenses Or Just Pay As You Go?

A friend of mine has a system for budgeting her utilities. She sets aside a certain amount every month to cover all of them. It's based on an average of utility costs throughout the year. For the months where the cost is less, she just pays...

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Does The Ability To Buy "as Seen On Tv" Products In Stores Lessen Your Desire For Them?

Not at ALL. It makes them easier to take back if something is wrong with them out of the box or if they break in the first few days. And lets be honest, many of these products are little more than cheap Chinese throw away products....especially...