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Latest discussions on forum

By Diane Lane 2 hours ago in Office Supplies

Where Is A Good Place For Cheap Printer Ink?

I never had a problem with the company I bought from through eBay. The issue is, with this printer, the ink is expensive, even from that company. Maybe in time the prices will decrease. I will definitely post here if I find a quality, low cost...

By Diane Lane 3 hours ago in Online Shopping

Buying Local, Online

You couldn't have said this at a better time. I just clicked on my Etsy bill and it's over $25 for listing renewals. I'm planning to downsize the shop when those listings expire, because it's ridiculously expensive to maintain....

By Denis Hard 5 hours ago in Gifts & Flowers

Do You Keep Gifts You Don't Like?

I tend to keep them because of some thought instilled in me that it is rude to give or throw away a gift. I start thinking about the person who gave it to me and how they would be hurt and offended. I don't, however, keep these items forever.

By Femiluv 5 hours ago in Sports & Fitness

How Do You Stay Motivated And Consistent While Working Out?

For me it is commitment. I commit myself to a morning session, before all the unknowns of life come to invade on my time. I do not always feel motivated to do it, so I force myself. I use music to get me in the spirit too, or follow along with a...

By DonnaIReilly 5 hours ago in Travel

Do You Prefer To Travel On Your Own Or With Others?

I like traveling with others. It gives you the best of both worlds. It is good to share the fun and adventure. It also gives you a level of safety in numbers. Then, there are still times you can have some alone time along the way. I am into social...

By Zyni 5 hours ago in Home & Garden

Do It Yourself To Save Money

I have never done a day project. I do want to do one, but the idea or opportunity hasn't presented itself to me. I am hoping that my artistic ability will help me out some. Your tip about doing research first is one I will take heed to. I...

By thelovelyone0 5 hours ago in Fashion & Apparel

Is Anyone thinking of Making thier Own Clothes?

I do sew the majority of my clothes and it gives me a certain freedom to design and wear what I love. Sewing requires thinking and paying attention, and the creative part of it is very fun to me. I save a lot of money, but it does require time to...

By Denis Hard 6 hours ago in Travel

Your Preference?

It depends on my mood, really! I sometimes just want peace and quiet and like calm beaches or mountain places where you can just relax. But sometimes I am in the mood to go to places like Los Angeles and see people, go to cool and hip places and...