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Buy one get one

Lakeridge Winery: Buy one get one
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Lakeridge Winery: Online discount for Buy 2 cases (12 bottles can be mix and matched) and get 1 case free. Valid 8/17-8/23.
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Buy one get one Lake Ridge Winery

Lakeridge Winery: Buy one get one Lake Ridge Winery
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Free Shipping on Beringer Wine Bouquet --
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Write "Buy 1 Get 1" in the comments section of your order to get 24 bottles ...

Lakeridge Winery: Write "Buy 1 Get 1" in the comments section of your order to get 24 bottles for the price of 12. Extra discount will not appear on your online order, but will be applied when payment is processed by the winery retail system. Shipping charges to elligible statesĀ for each case and Florida sales taxes still apply. Offer valid Feb. 19-21, 2010.
Buy 1 Get 1

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