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By justusforus 10 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Auto Zone, Napa or O'Reillys for auto parts?

Over the years, I've mostly used O'Reilly, and have never had a problem. They have great customer service, and were closest to where I lived. I have used Auto Zone as well, and likewise, have never had an issue. They've always been...

By Diane Lane 15 minutes ago in Office Supplies

Where Is A Good Place For Cheap Printer Ink?

Thanks, Theo!! I totally forgot about ebates! I recently signed up, and it's not automatic yet, when I consider shopping. I hadn't considered CVS, either, so thanks for the information. I'll have to check into both of those!

By thomas pendrake 17 minutes ago in Suggestions & Feedback


One of my fairly recent DIYs was much appreciated by my kitties. I had 2 cat scratching posts that had seen better days. The sisal was in pieces, and some of it had been torn off, but the wooden bases and posts were still in good shape, so I...

By sandooch 31 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

I love the Shout solid stick! ?

Yes, me! I've got one too and it's fantastic! It will remove any stain and it's so easy to use. Just rub it on the affected area, leave to soak in if the stain is particularly bad, then just pop it in the wash with the rest of your...

By Zyni 51 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Any Tips For Inexpensive Options For Sugar Free Cakes/frosting?

Many of the sugar substitutes are quite pricey, but I'm interested in making sugar free cake and frosting. Most of the frosting recipes seem to include pudding, which makes them more affordable than using large amounts of artificial...

By MrsJones 59 minutes ago in Home & Garden

How Old Is Your Microwave?

Oh no, you just remind me to remember how old my microwave is, and I think it is almost 16 years old already. It is still working great, but every time I went to the Thrift Stores, I always keep my eyes on a decent microwave oven for a cheap price...

By S.O. Price 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Confession Time! What Are Some Of The Crazy Things You Have Done To Save Money?

I freeze jugs of water for another purpose. Instead of buying bags of ice, I simply break the block of ice formed in the jug to fill up my cooler in warm weather, so I don't have to pay two bucks or more for a bag of ice. I'd rather...

By ReadWriteLearnLove 1 hour ago in Home & Garden

Garden Boxes

That is a fantastic idea when you have dogs around. I just realized this too as we do have a dog now, and he will be into everything if we don't watch him. I would love to have garden boxes for my garden too, and I would just plant whatever I...