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Eyeglasses - Online Or In A Store

Definitely would suggest you buy them in a store. Typically I'm all in favor of buying online. As its typically convinient and is often times cheaper. But glasses are something you have to get exactly right so you should talk to a...
1 hour ago - - Fashion & Apparel

What To Do With An Old Pair Of Jeans

Just browse some videos on Youtube that tell you how to recycle old jeans. Or you can just try giving your jeans to a relative that can wear them. If you really want to sell them, just be patient, because you'll never know who will be...
1 hour ago - - Fashion & Apparel

Free Daily Apps

Most of the apps that Amazon puts out for free seem to be game apps; however, I have seen apps that are for other things listed. I mainly only use my Kindle Fire for reading ebooks; so I have not downloaded any of the free one; but if you have a...
1 hour ago - - Mobile Apps & Games

Free or Cheap e-Books

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can borrow ebooks from the amazon Lending Library. It is a great service that Amazzon provides, and many of the books on the lending list are ones that would be very expensive if you were to purchase them....

Do You Prefer To Wear Leather Shoes, Rubber Shoes, Sneakers, Or Slippers?

I thought leather shoes are all the same, but this is the first time I heard about leather shoes having leather insoles, since I don't really pay much attention to the whole materials used in the shoe. I think I will research about that...
1 hour ago - - Fashion & Apparel

Do You Thoroughly Examine Your Grocery Bill?

It is hard to remember the prices of everything that you purchased when grocery shopping; but usually I have a pretty close idea of what i am supposed to be paying, so if the listed price is much off, I will notice it. Most stores do not give you...
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

One of my favorite shopping tools - Camel Camel Camel

I found a site called . This site has price tracking for amazon, best buy, Microsoft, and many others. It alerts you via text and email when an object you want drops below a certain price.Check it out!

Have You Tried Taking Care Of A Rabbit?

, All pets die, so why did you ban rabbits specifically? Did it die too soon because of food poisoning? Because my hamsters did, they died shortly after I fed them vegetables.
2 hours ago - - Pets