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Anyone ever buy the slipstone pan?
The pan that apparently doesn't ever burn anything or allows things to stick to them. I saw the add ( and was pretty amazed by how effective they claimed the pan was. Is...
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Favorite diet
^I don't think skipping meals is often recommended as a way to lose weight and keep it off. I follow the everything in moderation diet. Also when I do splurge I then cut back a bit for a few days to get back in the...
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Frizzy Hair
I wish I could give you positive advice, but instead I have a warning to pass. My friend Denise, too, fights the plague that is frizzy hair. In an attempt to tear it down and have straight, manageable hair she undertook...
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What sites do you use?
I tend to do a google search first because that tends to set me up pretty well with coupons, especially for things such as grocery items, toilet paper, paper towels and other things that I generally pick up at a grocery...
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[US Only] Free $100 Visa Gift Card Offer for Papa John's Expiring Soon
Hey, it's a $100 gift card! I'm happy to spend something like $10 or so and and have 90 or so come back to me :D
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Is a home gym and doing a workout at home the best way to go?
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Worst customer service you've ever recieved?
God damn, there are all sorts of stories from loads of places here. Maybe there should be some place where you file a complaint and that place deals specifically with stuff like this? That way you can try to get...
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Do You Prefer Stories With A Happy Ending?
What's more important to me is that the ending is somewhat still a surprise when I get to the end of the book. If I can predict how the book ends in the first 20 pages, then I don't consider it a good book. So whether...
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