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Online Work is not easy
---Quote (Originally by DreekLass)--- ... As long as the work that they need.want done gets done then there should be a decent fixed rate. There are jobs that mimic online work in businesses offline, and the person in...
Posted by: mythman in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 37 minutes ago
When was the last time you bought an album?
I have not actually bought a physical album for several years. I used to have a whole stack of albums when records were the popular thing, and then I sold them when things changed over to cassettes, and then to CD's....
Posted by: Happyflowerlady in Movies, Music & Games - 5 hours ago
Perfume/body spray/scents
Oh, that's too bad. There are quite a few people who have allergies. At least she was really polite about it and didn't get mad at your or anything.
Posted by: DancingLady in Health & Beauty - 6 hours ago
Homemade Cough Syrup?
I haven't made it yet, but I saw a really good looking recipe for a raw honey cough syrup that I will definitely try if I ever get a cough. It looked really easy to make.
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What Is The Point Of Starbucks?
Some people like the taste a lot, it is convenient, and it is a status symbol, saying that you have money because you can afford to spend so much of it on a fancy beverage.
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Locally owned businesses
A lot of people in my neighborhood try to by local whenever they can and support local businesses. I don't know of anyone doing apprenticeship programs like that, but we do have a number of local businesses that are...
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Big department stores
I don't shop at department stores anymore. I have come to realize that even the sale price is out of my budget. Clothes at those kind of places, well, new clothes in general, are so expensive now I just can't afford...
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Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 and single Shake it Off!
I now have her 1989 album and pretty much all of the songs are awesome. I'm a fan of Taylor too and was really thrilled that she released a new album. I've been listening non.stop to the album the first few days i got...
Posted by: obliviousme in Movies, Music & Games - 6 hours ago
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