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Latest discussions on forum

By Rocky 24 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Stop drinking coke!!!!

I don't like most soft drinks so I think I'm pretty safe. I do like Vanilla Coke like I said in the other thread but that's a rare occasion especially since most stores don't sell it anyway. If I'm being bad and eating...

By lindbergh 28 minutes ago in Mobile Apps & Games

Paid apps that pay you

I don't have an Android device so I've never tried this, but I have gotten to test out some similar apps and ultimately I found it too slow in terms of earning for me to put in time and effort into it. I'm still on the look out for...

By ACSAPA 29 minutes ago in Food & Drink

What Are Your Favorite "Broke" Foods?

I always did "pantry cooking," for those times when funds were low. As in, I'd cook anything in the pantry. I had to learn to get a little creative with four kids to feed. The trick was making "broke food" without letting...

By Hedonologist 30 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Cheap Pasta Sauce?

Right now Shaw's has the Essential Everyday sauce on sale for $1Aside from having a red sauce, you can warm a little olive oil in a pan with minced garlic and maybe basil as well. Once that is warm, just add it to cooked (warm) pasta. Top...

By sazzydan 31 minutes ago in Product Reviews

Vanilla Coke

I've always liked it but unfortunately they have stopped selling it in my area for a long time now. I'm not too worked up about it because I at least get to save some cash and not to mention save myself from an unhealthy habit, but I...

By jamiew23 34 minutes ago in Bank Accounts

Sticking To A Budget!

If you can try and make all of your transactions in cash you could try separating all your small expenses by dividing your cash accordingly. I believe this works best because you are able to have a visual guide of what you are keeping track of...

By Rosyrain 35 minutes ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions

What Do You Look For In A House?

We are going to be buying a house in the next year or two and the main focus for us is to be more self sustaining. I want to have a yard big enough in which I can have a large vegetable garden and maybe some fruit bushes. I would also like to...

By JoanMcWench 36 minutes ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Bringing Back The Walkman?

I was wondering what niche market this could possibly fulfill that can make the sales worth it. I don't think it can ever appeal on a mass level because it's just too impractical and expensive and it really makes me question the company...