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By Colebra 40 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Rechargeable Batteries: Are They Really Worth It?

We found it to be the better value when the kids were little, with all the toys and devices they had that required batteries. Like Dr.Ripley explained, they pay for themselves in short order. Now that the prices for regular batteries are so much...

By Carissa A Jones 45 minutes ago in Online Shopping

Thoughts About Online Product Specialist?

I haven't seen that feature on the sites where I do my shopping. But if whoever is on the other side intends to help , then I think I could use their help. Nonetheless if I'm expected to chat with a salesman first before making a...

By Strykstar 46 minutes ago in Seasonal & Holidays

Wrapping paper

There is also the option of wrapping paper made from recycled materials if it's an Eco-friendly issue for some, but from what I've seen, these options are much pricier than regular wrapping paper. I'll keep an eye out for any...

By megadelayed 47 minutes ago in Online Shopping

Buying foreign goods off eBay?

I buy a great deal from China and have never had any real problems. There are some things to take into consideration, though. First, the shipping might take a while. If you can wait, you might get a great deal. Also, save everything. Take...

By PatriciaKay 53 minutes ago in Online Shopping

Light In The Box

Has anyone else tried it? I sell vintage wedding dresses, and occasionally, modern, used ones on various sites around the net. I stumbled on Light in the Box and was impressed by their prices and good reputation. I ordered a dress for myself,...

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Pets

Any Cons Of Pet-keeping?

Pets should be treated as part of the family but I've heard even some "well-meaning" parents say that they wish they never got married because their kids . . .Using that logic, I believe that even pet owners at times can regret...

By DrRipley 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Snacks You Can Eat Cold

There was a small corner grocer near my grandparent's house that used to sell fried fish when I was younger. The weird thing was though, they would fry the fish, then chill it and have it available in deli window near the deli meats and...

By Sunshine 1 hour ago in Savings & Investments Plans

Should Kids Or Parents Pay For College?

I think most parents want to pay for their kids to go to college. I had a friend who was at college and wanted to leave and do her own art projects. I told her she had one year left to go and to hang in there as many people don't have the...