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Jewelry and gifts for mothers and grandmothers.


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How about you try it and figure it out for yourself, like a man?! I'm not here to cater to your complaints. You're question is no different than,"Can you show proof you are a true human existing? Are you, you?!"
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Instant or Brewed Iced Tea?
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My favorite fantasy novel
Like most "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien, because it was his literary allusion and metaphors to the history of humans. Also, it was the mythos story that helped explained the events that led to the Hobbit and...
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Would you rather build a new computer from scratch or buy one?
I would love to build a computer to my exact specifications, but I have neither the time or the knowledge of how to do it. So, I'd just have to buy something close enough to what I am looking for. I know that I could...
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Internet privacy
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Cereals with something else
Yes. I do add other ingredients to my cereal. I usually eat hot cereals and I sometimes eat homemade granola cereal. Extra ingredients that I put in my cereals are banana, flax meal, groundnuts, mango, papaya,...
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Clean Well Natural Hand Sanitizer 1oz travel size
With the Ebola epidemic going on, people in my country have embraced using hand sanitizers a lot lately. Many of them have chemicals in them that are not good for the skin or overall health, such as triclosan and...
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Now Solutions Xyli-White Platinum Mint Toothpaste Gel 181g
I am finding that this is my very favorite toothpaste! Here are a few things that I really love about this toothpaste: 1. It's completely natural! There are no nasty chemicals used to make it. 2. It's fluoride...
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