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By PatriciaKay 1 month ago in Online Shopping

Light In The Box

Has anyone else tried it? I sell vintage wedding dresses, and occasionally, modern, used ones on various sites around the net. I stumbled on Light in the Box and was impressed by their prices and good reputation. I ordered a dress for myself,...

By oolong 7 months ago in Product Reviews

LuMini - My first impression

Recently received my lumini from the kickstarter campaign.So far I feel this $35 LED smart bulb is a good buy. You are able to control it via an application on iphone and android devices over bluetooth. The features I like are the wake-up function...

By worldmachine 29 days ago in Home & Garden

Graphene Light Bulbs

The graphene light bulb is set to go on sale to the public, this bulb is coated in graphene which is a super strong carbon that lasts longer and uses 10% less energy than bulbs on the market at present.The technology was developed at Manchester...

By Animachine 2 years ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Party Lighting

I'm throwing a party tomorrow night at my house. Usually we have a bonfire in the back yard, but we live in Florida and it's getting mad hot. Instead of a fire this time, I want to set up floodlights and maybe Christmas lights in the...

By Gelsemium 8 months ago in Health & Beauty

Sensitivity to the light

I started to have sensitivity to the light about 2 years ago and this resulted in a strange and permanent glare for about 30 minutes in one or both eyes, this happened once or twice per year, but this last month it happened twice and got me...

By NatetheGrate 5 months ago in As Seen on TV

Red emblem, red light

Are you all kidding with this? When I see that 'As seen on TV logo, it's like a red light to me. I very quickly try to "Turn Around, Go Back" because it's obviously a marketing ploy probably meant to cover for a product...

By Peninha 5 months ago in Home & Garden

Warm vs cold light

I love the warm light bulbs, they simply give a more warm atmosphere to the house. Naturally I don't like the cold light, it's depressing for me, I don't even know why they do it. What about you, what sort of light do you prefer?

By vpresson 2 years ago in As Seen on TV

Light up pillow pets?

Does anyone know where i could get the light up pillow pets for cheap? I want to get both my kids one for christmas but it seems a little expensive i checked walmart but they are 30 bucks each i wonder if they have them some where else a little...