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Soy milk coupons
They have their rules and regulation about coupons and you you have to follow it while purchasing any product. Coupons may given only for some particular products which is profitable for them, and in that quantity only.
Posted by: HectorHegg in Coupons - 5 minutes ago
How many coupons are too many?
I never got more coupons then 10 at a time. You can not get coupons on the same product. Mostly I waste my coupan, because I don't have time to use my coupons. But I feel very exited when I get coupon for any product.
Posted by: HectorHegg in Coupons - 9 minutes ago
Dealflicks - Have you used it yet?
I have just come across this great site: You type in your location and many of the cinema theatres in your area and they will show you a comparison of how much of a discount they are...
Posted by: H.C. Heartland in Movies, Music & Games - 12 minutes ago
Do you have a stockpile from using coupons?
Yes, you can find a gift card for food on the internet, spent more time to hunt for big deals. The mother lode of food cart finders is Yelp. You can also find on Local Harvest for a huge listing of farmer's markets.
Posted by: HectorHegg in Coupons - 20 minutes ago
Redgunner, yes, they had a lot of trouble! And they've had a lot of trouble since, too! So yeah, I've used it before, but I only do so when it's the only available option instead of PayPal. I would never...
Posted by: Jessi in Payment Methods - 20 minutes ago
How often do you change the pet food brand?
Oh, no, I definitely don't change their food often. In fact, this can upset their tummies and make them sick! Food should only be changed if there is a problem or it's recommended by a vet usually.
Posted by: Jessi in Pets - 22 minutes ago
When Rating Customer Service . . .
If my problem wasn't solved, then depending on their efforts I would give them a moderate rating, like 3 to 4 stars out of 5, but I wouldn't give them a bad rating for something that they can't really solve. But some...
Posted by: sidney in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 27 minutes ago
Freebird Burritos
This is kind of a cool place that, in my opinion, is better than Chipotle when it comes to taste. The operation is an assembly line similar to Subway but it would be nice if they had margaritas. Anyway, they have a...
Posted by: jneanz in Food & Drink - 42 minutes ago
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