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By ACSAPA 40 minutes ago in Misc & Others

How Do You Talk Yourself Out Of Impulse Purchases?

Hmmm. I had never thought about it like that before. But that is actually a really good way to curb impulsive online spending. Luckily, I don't have a problem with spending online in the first place. I don't make much money, which means...

By jordonposey 46 minutes ago in Gas & Electricity

How to save money on electricity.

Electricity is considered as one of the most essential things in the world today. Almost everything if not all is powered by electricity and it is one of the greatest contributor of bills in a household.These are some of my tips to save...

By Diane Lane 47 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Do You Re-use Tea Bags?

, Come to think of it, I don't even know the kind of tea that I drink, lol. I just get whatever is in the container. I should look up on the differences of each one for the sake of knowing, lol.

By Peninha 52 minutes ago in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff

Buying second hand

You really think that it is the same thing as getting hand me downs from relatives? I mean, in a way I could see how you'd come to that conclusion. But still, there is something in my brain that tells me that no, it is not okay to purchase...

By Peninha 1 hour ago in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff

Playing with toys vs eletronic playing

When I was a kid during the 90's, the internet didn't become popular until 1999, so the years before that, kids were usually seen playing on the streets or they use cards, board games, and video/portable game consoles. I think the...

By Dora M 1 hour ago in Misc & Others

Dealing With Tired Staff

The more years that go by, the more the professional facade seems to slip in the workplace. Years ago, people used to care about their profession, and actually try to help others, or complete their work properly. These days nobody seems to give a...

By EditorsRHumansToo! 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Cashiers: "hi! How'ya Going?"

This is the first time I've heard the saying, "Hi, howya going?" The thing I hear cashiers say the most of is, "Hi, You find everything ok?" which means did you find everything that you were looking for. I always say,...

By Peninha 1 hour ago in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff

Do you have kids?

The question of whether to have kids or not is a very personal one, and we all have our own reasons for making the choices we do, and those choices make sense to us. We currently don't have any kids, but we do wish to have at least one if we...