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By Hiatus 46 minutes ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Graphics Card.

I wouldn't bother with it. It's specs have been falsely advertised, and it turns out it doesn't even have 4GB of VRAM, among other problems. The benchmarks aren't that great as a result, and not having 4GB of VRAM isn't...

By dashboardc33 49 minutes ago in Health & Beauty

Buying From Couponers

I think it's amazingly resourceful. The retailers buy them at such a small price, it's kind of inconsiderate that someone would be angry at the personal seller for their own mark up. I've always been interested in coupon shopping...

By rightct 50 minutes ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Do You Regularly Use Your Phone Camera?

I do use mine a lot just because it is convenient. I have a Nikon D3100 that I absolutely love, but I don't use it as often as I would like to just because it is big and bulky. I hate lugging it around with me wherever I go, but I do bring...

By SEA81 53 minutes ago in Scams = To Good To Be True

Have you ever bought or sold on Craigslist?

I sell a lot of things on Craigslist and have great luck. There are two important things to remember when selling on Craigslist. The first rule is to always meet somewhere at a public places whether it's a Burger King parking lot, your...

By sidney 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Oats For Breakfast Or As A Snack?

I don't really like oatmeal for the most part. So the only time I end up eating oats are if I turn them into granola or granola bars.

By SweetMamaKaty 1 hour ago in Hot Deals

20% Off Handbags At Amazon Until May 10, 2015

Spring is a great time for a new purse, large or small, whatever your style! Amazon has a 20% off discount now through May 10, 2015. Browse styles like Shoulder, Cross-Body, Top Handle Bags, and Wallets .The fine print from Amazon:I like this...

By kana_marie 1 hour ago in As Seen on TV

The "chillow"

I don't know about the Chillow itself. I just bought gel pads that go inside my pillow cases though and they are INCREDIBLE. They stay cool all night long and it always feels like the "cool side of the pillow"...but even slightly...

By lavenderblue 1 hour ago in Office Supplies

How Much Do You Spend On Office Supplies?

I don't spend that much. My "startup" cost was a bit more because I bought new pens, post-it notes, etc, but then over time, the cost is just "here or there." Flash drives are probably the most expensive item I end up buying.