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Latest discussions on forum

By scottguy 21 minutes ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Have you ever regretted updating your device?

Nope, never. While I did update to some experimental builds before, I never regretted it, as I knew wht I was getting into, and more importantly, the fix was just a couple of clicks away. A perk of having an Android phone, I guess. :)

By Denis Hard 25 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Gardening With Kids?

Gardening with kids is one of the best thing about spending time. The kids get to learn a lot and at the same time the parents also have a wonderful time. It is always nice to spend time with kids. They are so innocent.

By Femiluv 25 minutes ago in Sports & Fitness

How Do You Stay Motivated And Consistent While Working Out?

Nope. :( Whenever I start working out, I get demotivated a few weeks in, start working out less and less, and eventually drop it completely. I really should take it more seriously. :

By sidney 26 minutes ago in Fashion & Apparel

Do You Like To Wear Short Shorts?

Miss Cara is looking mighty scrumptious there lol. What were we talking about again? :pI have to wear skin tight pants, but they have to be thin, because if they are too hot in any way, then I am going to be very uncomfortable working out. And...

By PunkinPie 28 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Favorite Online Retailer For Bedding?

I have never tried buying beds online. It seems to me like you get very wonderful deals out there. I will definitely check out overstock. It seems to be having reasonable prices and is quite useful.

By hayrake 30 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Keeping Bees?

Keeping bees seem to be a fun thing to do. But I have never come across bees that are easy to maintain. You need to spend a lot to maintain them.and I also do not know whether they are not harmful.

By Zyni 32 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Looking For A Good Site For Ordering Appliance Parts

I believe that the best place to get good is Amazon. It has one of the best and the price is also affordable. I do not understand why people do not like to shop In amazon. It is one of the best online shops

By DrRipley 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

Which Clothing Items Are The Most Difficult To Buy For You?

Shoes and pants. Especially the look and style I want them to be. Can't seem to ever get them right. Especially the size. :