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What Is the Difference between "Movies" & "Cinema"?
I know you've seen a movie you liked so much that you called it 'an instant-classic' or 'high-quality cinema.' What do you think it takes to make a movie that "graduates" to be called 'Cinema'? Looking at the roots...
Posted by: mythman in Movies, Music & Games - 8 minutes ago
Are you able to focus even if you home is messy?
For some people, and I know a lot that having a messy surroundings makes them really crippled that they cannot focus. Is this the same case for you? As for, I would really like to work on a clean environment, but if...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 26 minutes ago
Every when do you clean your house or room?
Do you clean your room everyday? I rarely have time to clean my room everyday. Because I am so busy even during weekends, I only clean my room every vacation, the time when I only have little time I can dedicate to...
Posted by: 003 in Home & Garden - 29 minutes ago
When To Say No
Yes, I'm sure I have, and probably more times than I want to count. I *like* to shop, not all the time, but there are some times when I am in the mood to do some serious shopping and at times I'll go overboard. I try...
Posted by: Winnie in Misc & Others - 29 minutes ago
What is your hobby?
I have a lot of hobbies! I love to read and write. I love photography. I like to paint even though I'm not all that good at it. I like to cook, I like to collage, love interior design. Hobbies add so much flavor to...
Posted by: Winnie in Travel - 35 minutes ago
Recycling clothes
Yeah I always have a big plastic bag full of clothes ready to use for anything else besides wearing them. Mostly I use shirts and trousers for cleaning up wet spills of any type like water, juice, soda, milk, eggs, oil,...
Posted by: valiantx in Home & Garden - 35 minutes ago
Do you have friends/family who brag about how much money spend??
Oops, I meant to write... *Do you have friends/family who brag about how much money THEY spend??* My first thread and I leave out a word in the title!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Posted by: Winnie in Misc & Others - 1 hour ago
If You Use Real, Do You Choose Cut Or Balled Trees For Christmas?
I have long since gone with a fake tree because the place I put my tree is so close to my woodstove that real ones go crispy rather quickly. I love a real tree, though, and can't help remembering how much I enjoyed...
Posted by: hayrake in Seasonal & Holidays - 2 hours ago
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