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Selling Old Clothing

That's a smart idea. I don't really have a person that I would be able to give them to. My sister would love them, but I don't think that she would really fit into them. I don't buy pre-owned clothing that often, but I also like getting a deal. I...

Do You Wait To Watch Movies Online?

I try to wait it out just because I don't want to spend the money. I mean when you think about how much it costs for a ticket and then food, it's a lot. I would rather just eat the food from my own home, and spend less money to rent it. In the long run, it...

How Do You Decide What Movies To See In Theater?

Randomly. When I have money and time, I just go see what I want. It doesn't have to be a hyped movie. It can be anything!

Home Decor Upcycling: Save Money!

True! Most of my needs involve storage solutions, and I know there are plenty of upcycling ideas for those out there. I just need to look around and see if there are any that are feasible for me. I have a feeling my first actual purchase towards this end will be a...

Breeding Mice To Feed Cats?

Based on my experience, cats don't eat mice. I have six cats, and none of them ate mice. They would hunt them, but the cats would just play with them. If you really want to raw feed your cat, there are many websites that would teach you how. None of them advice...

Grooming The Dogs

I used to bring our poodle to the grooming salon a lot. Aside from being too expensive, I also found out that some of the groomers do not really take care of the animals. Some can be too harsh on them! Anyway, before I migrated to another country, I started grooming...

Online Pet Food Stores

Hey! I am currently in the US, and my cats are in another country. I was wondering if anyone here is under the same situation. I want to know if you have any knowledge of an online pet store that ships pet food internationally. I know that Amazon or eBay can, but...