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By PunkinPie 14 minutes ago in Auto Insurance

How To Save On Auto Insurance

Yes this has actually helped me a lot! It has certainly made me re-think my current plan. I am extremely low risk, and yet I have been paying a LOT for car insurance for over four years now. Thanks for this post!

By brutal37138 19 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Low Wage Workers Protesting

A living wage? $10, 15, 20 an hour? I remember when people could live on far less. What has caused a "living wage " to become so mercurial? Could it be that it's a result of government interference in private enterprise? If the...

By daleo717 28 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Do you think we are paying waitresses wages by leaving a large tip

, the reason you should leave a tip is the same reason your employer should pay you every day for coming into work. I'm assuming you don't work as a server based on your comments, but based on your logic, you are in effect saying that...

By pafjlh 1 hour ago in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks

Should Down Time Be Deducted From Phone Bill?

Really???? Every time my electricity or internet goes out, I think about this, and I think about how wrong it is that you are just expected to pay full price when full service is not what you are receiving, at least for the month. There was one...

By sidney 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

Do You Like To Wear Short Shorts?

Ahaha, seems like you got a bit distracted over there! :D And is her name really "Miss Cara" or it's like the equivalent of "Miss Thang" in the US?Skin tight pants like leggings? I think they tend to be uncomfortable too...

By ScipioPro 1 hour ago in Software PC & Mac

What Are Your Opinions On Torrenting?

If there are fifteen million blue people in a room, and seventy-six million red people also in the same room, then the fifteen million blue people are in the minority, yes. It really is not difficult to understand. Nobody is saying that you are...

By S.O. Price 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Confession Time! What Are Some Of The Crazy Things You Have Done To Save Money?

I freeze jugs of water for another purpose. Instead of buying bags of ice, I simply break the block of ice formed in the jug to fill up my cooler in warm weather, so I don't have to pay two bucks or more for a bag of ice. I'd rather...

By JoanMcWench 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Raising Chickens Question

The cooking blog, has many articles on raising chickens - since the author of the blog has recently started doing it as well. There are many pictures on there showing how she has it set up, but with regards to heating...