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Christmas Sweaters
I'm a huge sweater fan, but I don't have a Christmas sweater. I don't see the point of something I'm only going to wear maybe once a wear. Maybe I'm just not properly in the Christmas spirit, but I've never been into...
Posted by: MikeyPaine in Fashion & Apparel - 20 minutes ago
What Do Your Kids Watch On Youtube?
I personally don't have any children but my nieces absolutely love Youtube. They spend a lot of time watching reviews and gamers that play Minecraft.
Posted by: insertkittyface in Movies, Music & Games - 54 minutes ago
Do You Have a Monthly Pet Budget?
Not really, because I never go overboard with that kind of thing. I seem to have really good self control.
Posted by: insertkittyface in Pets - 55 minutes ago
I honestly don't think they could grow here, but then again, what do i know, because my uncle actually grew and orange tree and I live in upstate New York.
Posted by: insertkittyface in Food & Drink - 56 minutes ago
I don't have any birds, but I used to have two parakeets when I was a lot younger but shortly after, I had an experience of a larger bird chasing me and I've been scared of them ever since!
Posted by: insertkittyface in Pets - 57 minutes ago
What kitchen item/tool could you not do without?
Well, this is a really difficult choice for me. I would have to make it a tie between my bread machine, my Vitamix, and my tawa. The bread machine saves me time with having to make bread. I just put the ingredients in...
Posted by: Serena in Product Reviews - 1 hour ago
E-Bay or Craiglist — Which One Is Better?
Depends what it is you're looking to sell, honestly. Collectibles, like comic books or video games, you'll get a lot of "low ball" offers from people who buy and sell those things for a living. If something's that's...
Posted by: MikeyPaine in Online Shopping - 1 hour ago
Laundry liquid, powder, tablets or pods?
These days you can choose how your detergent comes, I prefer liquid as you can control how much you use and can concentrate it on a stain. Powder sometimes created gunge in the soap drawer, pods aren't economical for a...
Posted by: Theo in Home & Garden - 1 hour ago
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