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Flavored Milk

I know they are highly unhealthy, but I love flavored milk. Growing up, I used to grab strawberry flavored all the time but I rarely went for chocolate flavored ones. I eventually grew out of the habit, though, and have only been reminded of it...
1 year ago - - Food & Drink

Milk prices

The price of milk has fluctuated for the last couple years. I'm not even sure how one day it costs $2.79 to the next day costing $4.49 a gallon. I personally don't like milk all that much but I sure have to have it for my cereal and...
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Almond milk

I usually don't drink cow milk because it hurts my stomach, so I've been trying different milks and I tried yesterday almond milk (from Alpro) and it tastes amazing. The problem is that it's super expensive, nearly 3€ per liter, so...
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Cereals and milk

My younger kid loves cereals and milk, but he has a strange way to eat them. I realized he stopped eating when the cereals become too soaked in milk, so I said if he wanted to drink a glass of milk with cereals on the side and he always eats them...
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Milk in the omelet

Recently I became aware that quite a few people add milk to their eggs to make the omelets fluffier. I haven't had the opportunity to try this just yet, so I am wondering, is this true? Have you done that? How much milk should I add for,...
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Supermarkets and Milk

So I tend to notice this a lot. When I go to the dairy section at my local grocer and many grocer's recently, everything is clean and in order. reach the MILK SECTION. There, Milk cartons or containers are sometimes dirty enough...

Favorite milk?

There are a lot of variations of milk now. I used to drink dairy a lot but as I got older it started tasting weird. I have tried almond milk, soy milk, flax milk, rice milk, coconut milk, but I like soy the most. I drink unsweetened soy milk,...
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Heating the milk

I am not a microwave fan, so I still heat up my milk in a tin cup. I also hate when the milk heats up too much, I need to mix it, I get my tongue burned and so on, so I just control the temperature with my (washed) finger. :)How do you usually...
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