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Stand in line or self checkout
I find it saves more time and money to go through a line with a cashier. I buy a lot of produce, and a seasoned cashier knows all of the codes by heart. I have to fumble around and look at pictures (is this a...
Posted by: Amanda K in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 14 minutes ago
Would You Give Up Your Privacy So You Could Get Paid?
Eh.... On one hand, I want to scream NO WAY! On the other hand, I know that they're already tracking what I'm doing anyway.... so why not get paid for it?
Posted by: Jessi in Misc & Others - 17 minutes ago
Grown men wearing skinny jeans
I think skinny jeans are best reserved for skinny teenagers and girls. If you're a mildly muscular guy or just a little bit chubby they are going to look awful. I personally don't see the appeal for them as a guy. I...
Posted by: Spectre456 in Fashion & Apparel - 17 minutes ago
Do you ride the subway for free?
---Quote (Originally by forextraspecialstuff)--- I live in the US and have taken the subway in several large cities. I have never seen a way to take it for free because you always pay with some sort of token or pass...
Posted by: Jessi in Misc & Others - 18 minutes ago
Would You Use A Watch Phone?
No, I don't think so. On one hand, it does sound kind of convenient to get notifications to your wrist instead of needing to keep your phone directly on you. It's also less rude to glance down at your watch when it...
Posted by: Jessi in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 21 minutes ago
What feature would you change on your face?
I don't think I would want to change anything to my face aside from the little double chin that I acquired from not being active. It shows when I look down. :D I also would want to correct this little misaligned...
Posted by: sidney in Health & Beauty - 23 minutes ago
Tea tree products
I tried using the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash from Body Shop. I have combination skin so this product works just right as a liquid cleanser. The smell is not fragrant which is understandable to avoid irritants...
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Health & Beauty - 30 minutes ago
Paintings or Photographs?
It really depends on what the subject is in a certain painting or photograph. If the subject is a person or a family portrait I think a painting looks better because it gives the decoration a non-generic appeal that a...
Posted by: Spectre456 in Home & Garden - 30 minutes ago
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