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I just bought one off of Living Social so really am hoping it's everything I want it to be. I just went through a transformation of not drinking soda and going to all carbonated water, so it seems like a good and...
Posted by: kbroder9 in As Seen on TV - 9 minutes ago
Goats Milk: Do you drink it?
Interesting! Thank you for the information. I've had almond milk as an alternative to cow's milk, but have yet to try goat's milk. I'm pretty lucky in that I don't have any health issues with drinking cow's milk, but...
Posted by: kbroder9 in Food & Drink - 12 minutes ago
Who loves Amazon?
:LOVE! Especially the lightnihg deals around the holidays. The thing I hate about it is is my wish list is so freaking long - in my defense it has been going on since the year 2000. But I just clicked on "buy it all"...
Posted by: sthrngypsy in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 29 minutes ago
DIY De-worming methods please!
Hi there, it is not a pill, it is a paste in a tube. And it is strongid not strongoid. Ack my typing. Anyway, you can get (per 'Amazon prices) a liquid 32 ounce for $32 or you can get a 2.4 oz paste for 12.98. The...
Posted by: sthrngypsy in Pets - 37 minutes ago
Fast food: Do you still eat fast food after hearing all the rumors?
Always do your own research and be vigilant about checking what ingredients are inside your food. The news, blogs, etc like to pick up on hype to come up with an interesting story, and almost all of the time, nothing...
Posted by: kbroder9 in Food & Drink - 38 minutes ago
Ever lost your credit card?
It is a little scary, but honestly, so much better than losing a wallet or some cash. You have fraud protection for a reason (even if you're not sure you have it, the companies are constantly monitoring and looking for...
Posted by: kbroder9 in Credit Cards - 40 minutes ago
How do you heat your home?
Thankfully my apartment comes with heat included. It's radiators, so can't set an exact temperature, but I have two and you can turn them on or off. Plus if it gets too hot (which is almost always the case because it's...
Posted by: kbroder9 in Heating - 44 minutes ago
Another Great Way To Save Money
I am so very excited to start my first "real" garden next year. I am living in a house where we have almost an acre. I have been researching heirloom seeds and found all kinds of seeds I did not even know existed. ...
Posted by: sthrngypsy in Home & Garden - 45 minutes ago
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