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Cable companies and their crappy customer service...
I'm not sure what the cause of the bad customer service in the cable and satellite industry is. It's seems to be a reoccurring problem people have in day to day life. I can't even count the number of people I've spoken...
Posted by: gmckee1985 in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 9 minutes ago
Lemons for Cleaning
I've heard about the multiple uses for lemons for cleaning, but have never tried it myself. I've heard that rubbing a lemon under your arm works well as a deodorant. I'd feel like I was wasting a lemon however if I...
Posted by: dizzykitsune in Home & Garden - 14 minutes ago
Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture?
---Quote (Originally by DreekLass)--- All I know is that when a person is what we refer to as a 'late bloomer,' - basically realizing their sexuality later on in life - their preference for the same sex usually doesn't...
Posted by: Nickchick in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 18 minutes ago
Why are Most Kids Obese These Days?
Remember when our parents used to kick us out of the house to go play until the sun set? Yeah most parents don't do that anymore. Whether it's for the lack of authority towards their children, or for unsafe...
Posted by: tangela in Health & Beauty - 32 minutes ago
Pet Emergency Fund?
I don't have a pet yet but I listen to this practicing vet on a podcast and he says that the smartest thing that he's ever done and one that he suggests to all his clients is that for every paycheck you get, you put in...
Posted by: tangela in Pets - 35 minutes ago
Making your own coffee
Even though I usually have a coffee at work after lunch, that doesn't always happen. But when I'm home I have at least a coffee in the morning and one after dinner, so I do make most of my coffee, even if I sometimes...
Posted by: Strykstar in Food & Drink - 37 minutes ago
Turkey meat
It can be cheap but from what I found out if you want to really save money, just buy turkeys over the holiday season and cook it. The meat that you get from a whole chicken, by the oz, will be a LOT cheaper than if you...
Posted by: tangela in Food & Drink - 37 minutes ago
Getting tired of Facebook
---Quote (Originally by DreekLass)--- Yeah, there is nothing more inspiring than other human beings to me. We really do show one another the way. Not always. But a lot of the time we do. If we see someone else doing...
Posted by: Nickchick in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 39 minutes ago
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