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  • 50% OFF Coupon Code

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    NTLKCRZYDISC Get Coupon Code

    Receive 50% discount on VOIP (Voice over IP) phone service.

    by 107 Votes
    Last vote: NO
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  • 25% OFF Coupon Code

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    25OFFfor2011 Get Coupon Code

    25% OFF

    by 64 Votes
    Last vote: NO
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  • FREE GIFT Deal

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    Free calling to the US & Canada & DUO-to-DUO ON Purchase of 1 Year Basic DUO Call Plan

    by 19 Votes
    Last vote: NO
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  • FREE Coupon Code

    buy one get one

    BLACKFRIDUO Get Coupon Code


    by 38 Votes
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  • 25% OFF Coupon Code

    25% off nettalk duo

    DUOAPP25OFF Get Coupon Code

    25% off NetTalk Duo

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NetTalk Promo Codes & Discounts - WORKED before December 2014

Sometimes codes or deals like these NetTalk coupons below may not work after their expiry date, but it can worth a try. If a code works for you, please check the box "Worked for me".
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  • $10 off

    NetTalk: $10 OFF per DUO The coupon is valid between 03/08/2011 and 03/08/2012


    Worked for me
  • free shipping

    Keep Your Existing Number for Free + $10 International Credit + Free Shipping of NetTalk DUO! Offer Valid in U.S. only, from 8/22/12 to 9/4/12 at 12:00 AM for purchases from any local retail locations. Free shipping valid for online purchases only from Please register immediately after purchase or once you received your DUO (if ordered online at After registration make your request to keep your existing number (porting) which is free until 9/4/2012 (then a $19.95 fee applies). Devices purchased and number porting requests done on or after 9/5/2012 will not be eligible for this offer. (Some exceptions may apply to online purchases only)


    Worked for me
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