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Using a microphone
I have taken tests for online jobs that required a microphone test. Also, I completed mystery shops that required I use my computer's microphone. Once I received one of those jobs, I began using the Logitech USB...
Posted by: Allison2021 in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 13 minutes ago
Click bank
Why not use an established bank. There are banks that charge absolutely no fees. Most of those banks are Credit Unions. The Navy Federal Credit Union is one of the largest. It may take certain members but it is worth...
Posted by: Allison2021 in Product Reviews - 16 minutes ago
Savers stores
I pop in there every now and then and they are well priced and have similar items to the pound stores as well as other items as one offs. I bought a fleece dressing gown for under a fiver and there is more choice than...
Posted by: Theo in Fashion & Apparel - 26 minutes ago
Internet privacy
There are too many people that abuse "privacy laws" to incredibly invade someone else's privacy, so no, I don't agree with anonymous browsing. I'm sick of people hiding behind false tenets in the name of American...
Posted by: Sugarhill in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 1 hour ago
Internet marketing
Many people think of marketing only selling and advertising. and no wonder every day we are bombarded with television commercials, direct mails offers, sales calls and internet pitches however selling and advertising...
Posted by: Bee14 in Product Reviews - 1 hour ago
Locally owned businesses
That's great. I really hate to see us as a society moving away from practices like apprenticeships in favor of a more mainstreamed cookie cutter like business model. Individuality is almost a thing of the past, This...
Posted by: spikerfreelancer in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 1 hour ago
Healing Ear Piercings
They will naturally heal up by themselves. The holes will always remain, but you won't see them, but will feel them still on you lobes. You can clip ons instead. I have pierced ears, but haven't worn earrings for...
Posted by: Theo in Health & Beauty - 1 hour ago
Febreeze Spray
I used to LOVE febreze spray especially the lavender/vanilla scent.I would buy the biggest bottles I could find but I just recently found out how febreze has many chemical ingredients that are not so good for our...
Posted by: Bee14 in Product Reviews - 2 hours ago
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