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Tablet or laptop?
I personally do not believe that tablets will ever be a able to replace Laptop PCs, especially now that we have several Laptops that can actually serve a dual purpose: That is, they can be used as Laptops, and then when...
Posted by: GLOGIK in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 9 minutes ago
What HTML Editor Do You Use?
Hello there, if you're a web developer like me, you surely use some kind of HTML editor for your web development job. I currently use Microsoft's Visual Studio 2013. I also play around with dreamweaver sometimes, even...
Posted by: GLOGIK in Software PC & Mac - 23 minutes ago
Do you dress your pets?
I have cats. I don't think they would enjoy being dressed. It's hot here and they already have fur to cover up so why clothes. They do each have a cute collar with their tags.
Posted by: mariee in Pets - 24 minutes ago
Does Hibernation Have Any Effects On Your PC?
Hi everyone, I was wondering what the effects of hibernation could be on a PC. Frankly speaking, I often hibernate my PC, even turning it on and off to hibernate for days. I sometimes notice some unusual behavior on my...
Posted by: GLOGIK in Software PC & Mac - 33 minutes ago
Are you looking for free keylogger?
If you are looking for a free keylogger software then Spyrix has many keylogger programs which work for the purpose. You can easily monitor your children or spouse activities on PC/Laptop, Phones etc. It has free...
Posted by: jack in Coupons - 52 minutes ago
My neighbors pet
I would have ran too, and probably gotten really angry at my neighbor for not telling me what kind of pet. But really I think I would have asked before agreeing to see it and if they didn't told me I would consider it...
Posted by: mariee in Pets - 54 minutes ago
Does Online-Dating "Dehumanize" Romance?
I think that it can work very well. It's just a different way of dating. I tried it out myself and it turned out really beautifully. I was never looking for it. I just happened to meet a guy in an art forum, and we...
Posted by: Dora M in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 1 hour ago
Have You Taken Care Of A Cat With Breed?
My cats are not from the shelter but rescued from the streets. Cats and kittens are never tame with strangers. Cats get stressed in unknown situations. You can adopt a kitten from the street and yes the first time you...
Posted by: mariee in Pets - 1 hour ago
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