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Cutting our own hair
Yeah I do that when I need a little trim. I figured that why should I bother to go to the salon when I can do it myself. And I also get to save time, money, and effort in doing it. The finished product is not very good...
Posted by: sidney in Health & Beauty - 3 minutes ago
Amazon's Kindle Unlimited
I'll probably try this one out! I can't imagine reading big, long books on a screen... I'll still be using paper for those. But for small books, or stuff that is available only in a digital form... I'm down for it!...
Posted by: Colebra in Product Reviews - 5 minutes ago
Women's dresses
I'm looking for a good place to find dresses I can wear to the office that are decently priced but really nice quality. I have quite a few dresses I have gotten from thrift stores and stores like Old Navy but I am...
Posted by: Shoplady in Fashion & Apparel - 6 minutes ago
Buying eyewear
I have been using the same eyeglasses for many years now, and it's also my 1st one, so I guess the need has not yet arisen yet where I would be needing a new pair of eyeglasses. I think you can get a discount for the...
Posted by: sidney in Health & Beauty - 8 minutes ago
Gold Nutrition ZMA
Isotonic drinks are a scam as far as I am concerned... But it's your body so... As for minerals, that's the point of honey and lemon juice...
Posted by: Colebra in Product Reviews - 8 minutes ago
Dumbbell Recommendations?
No problem dude! That's my good deed for the day :D I feel good about it... Hope you get some sweet muscles going for you! Remember to be consistent with your training, and study the postures so you don't mess your...
Posted by: Colebra in Sports & Fitness - 15 minutes ago
Save money by seeing a student dentist?
I think getting a pasta or cleaning is cheap enough already, (at least over here) and you don't even have to do it often, so I guess I won't even bother to look for a student dentist. You'll never know, things may go...
Posted by: sidney in Health & Beauty - 35 minutes ago
Day care centers
Interesting, I also have never heard of day care centers for adults, only for kids. That's a good thing if your grandmother was happy during her stay there. But I must wonder, how expensive are the rates over there? I...
Posted by: sidney in Health & Beauty - 43 minutes ago
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