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Do you buy organic products?

From product to potato chips and pasta, I notice more and more "organic" products. They seem pricier than there average counterparts. I have bought some and really do not notice any difference, perhaps only they seem more bland. What...

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Coupon organization

I am wondering how everyone organizes their coupons. I use a 3 inch 3 ring binder with baseball card holders and page dividers. My binder is set up to match the aisles in my local grocery store. In each "aisle", the coupons are sorted by...

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Where do you purchase supplies for organic gardening. I have been working in my own garden for 3 years but next Spring I would like to switch to organic for the health benefits. I have never even looked into that aspect for gardening so I was...

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Organic Coupons?

Does anyone have any good recommendations for finding coupons for organic food? I am signed up at Mambo Sprouts and have found a lot of good ones there, but I would love to know about other similar sites. I know that you can sometimes get coupons...

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Is eating organic too expensive

I thought I would try the local farmers market last weekend for some good healthy produce for a Sunday lunch. I brought a chicken, potatoes, broccoli, swede and carrot's. The whole meal cost more than taking my family to McDonalds. It does...

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Do any of you have recommendations for a good organic dog food that your dogs love? We purchase Fromm's dog food in Texas from Natural Pawz, but it is pretty expensive. I'd like to be able to save some money on organic dog food, but my...

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Do you eat organic?

I have watched a lot of documentaries about the negative effects of GMO foods and corn additives and have been attempting to clean up my diet. Organic is the only way to insure that there are no GMO's but I am not enjoying the higher price...