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Organic Gardening

Where do you purchase supplies for organic gardening. I have been working in my own garden for 3 years but next Spring I would like to switch to organic for the health benefits. I have never even looked into that aspect for gardening so I was...

By kshultz06082 1 year ago in Coupons

Coupon organization

I am wondering how everyone organizes their coupons. I use a 3 inch 3 ring binder with baseball card holders and page dividers. My binder is set up to match the aisles in my local grocery store. In each "aisle", the coupons are sorted by...

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Organic Coupons?

Does anyone have any good recommendations for finding coupons for organic food? I am signed up at Mambo Sprouts and have found a lot of good ones there, but I would love to know about other similar sites. I know that you can sometimes get coupons...

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Organized, Disorganized Displays.

During the Holidays, it seems like some stores were hit by a tornado. Items are thrown all over the place, the floor is covered with clothes, shoes, toys, etc. It is a shame the way persons that shop will be unable to find what they are looking...

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Organic Pest Control?

I often hear that for food to be classified "organic" no artificial fertilizers nor pesticides should be used on the land or the crops that have been grown. Now supposing pests, insects and such invade your garden, is there any way to...

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Organic Body Care

Where is your preferred place to purchase organic lotions, soaps and shampoos? I currently live in an apartment, so I really don't have the room to make my own stuff. I prefer something with all natural ingredients because I firmly believe...

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Keeping Your Home Organized

Last week I had to borrow some tools from a neighbor. I'd borrowed the same tools from him previously so I was certain I'd get them from him again. The moment I arrived though I couldn't help noticing that he preferred chaos to...

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Annie Organic Mac And Cheese

Whenever I buy boxed macaroni and cheese, I always buy Annie's because at least it is organic, and it tastes much better than the Kraft variety. I can get them on sale a few times a year at the grocery store for a dollar each, and so I...