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Solar Shield Fits Over Sunglasses
These sunglasses are made to fit over your prescription glasses. I decided to give these sunglasses a try because I did not want to spend a lot of money on a pair of prescription sunglasses. I have used these for well...
Posted by: Bright7 in Product Reviews - 2 minutes ago
Flavored water?
Nah, not for me. I don't really like flavored water. I'll just take the water as it is. There's nothing wrong with flavored water. My boyfriend enjoys it. I just have weird taste buds and I'm kind of picky with my food.
Posted by: May102014 in Food & Drink - 3 minutes ago
AMD or Intel?
AMD's processors are well known for running a bit hot. 70 celsius is nothing. You can always try to raise the level at which the thermal protection is activated. It will run just fine at 90 degrees. Intel doesn't fall...
Posted by: DreamWave in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 4 minutes ago
Foods that mess with our health
Oh my goodness, milk was the one food that mess with my health! It was around 4 years ago when my stomach felt a little uneasy each time I drank milk. So, I stopped altogether and opt for water, diet cranberry juice,...
Posted by: May102014 in Food & Drink - 4 minutes ago
Almond milk
My girlfriend and I have been on and off various health kicks over the past month, and lately the new thing is healthy smoothies. Various recipes abound, and some of them are pretty darn tasty; however, I had begun...
Posted by: unstrung in Product Reviews - 5 minutes ago
What Do You Think about the President’s Ramadan-Dinner?
Ah, I see you changed churches! It's good to see that you have found a place that suits you more than that one you were going to before. :D Anyway, that's a way of thinking about things that I hadn't considered at the...
Posted by: VTEC 9/12/44 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 6 minutes ago
How many meatless dishes do you cook a week?
I have meatless dishes everyday. It's not really hard for me because I'm not too big on meat anyway. It's not because of political reasons but I'm just someone who doesn't indulge a lot in meat. Some days all I eat are...
Posted by: May102014 in Food & Drink - 7 minutes ago
Multiple pizza package
I haven't seen this in my area as of yet. This option is certainly cost effective. You'll have to pay a few more bucks, but it's nothing compare to what you'll actually pay for 3 separate pizzas, plus taxes. I love...
Posted by: May102014 in Food & Drink - 9 minutes ago
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