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Latest discussions on forum

By hellonamesdana 10 minutes ago in Health & Beauty

Best Cheap Teeth Whitener?

Try the inside of banana peels. I've tried it and it works. It takes a while, but the results are obvious after a few weeks. I've also used baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in the past, with equally good results. The key is to be...

By dashboardc33 15 minutes ago in Pets

Living Affordably With Pets

Yeah, cats tend to be picky about that, apparently. We have 3 bowls of water placed around the house for the cat to drink, and it seems to be working. She also loves to drink bathtub water whenever someone's bathing. :x But yeah, you should...

By Diane Lane 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Do You Re-use Tea Bags?

Ah. I don't like those 100-1000 bulk offers myself. While you can save a few bucks here and there, I found the tea being way too bland and tasting just... not satisfactory. I usually buy a bag of good leaf tea for when I want quality, a box...

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Gifts & Flowers

Do You Keep Gifts You Don't Like?

Well, I remember giving somebody a towel as a and wrap it without a box. The motive is pretty decent and while it is not the best gift ever, it still has a good value. Fast forward to about half a year later when I visit that person's house,...

By Mattenheimer 2 hours ago in Software PC & Mac

Best Free Anti-virus?

I used this also, it was a pretty good piece of software, I wasn't aware it was still around. Actually these days I get so few viruses that I don't think much of it. I suppose I'm nor downloading all the freeware games that I used...

By SweetMamaKaty 2 hours ago in Hot Deals

Asus Notebook Pc - $149.99 At Staples

I own this laptop, and it functions so I cannot complain. The processor is quite weak and it is not very fast, but at that price what can you expect? It's fine for sending emails, reading simple web pages and compiling light documents....

By Blossom 2 hours ago in Health & Beauty

Using Only Water To Wash Face.

I also only use water to wash my face. I use soap for the rest of me and the face does not get particularly dirty, so water usually suffices. It seems to be an unnecessary excess that wouldn't really be of much benefit.

By kana_marie 2 hours ago in Product Reviews

Coffee That Keeps Well

Well, I think there's an obvious answer that has nothing to do with the brand of coffee. You should start making smaller pots of coffee. It sounds like you're wasting a decent amount of coffee, and making smaller pots will stretch your...