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Where Do You Buy Your Groceries?

I live in a small town. In an agricultural zone. So there are many Ma and Pa stores here that sell groceries. Since I'm all for supporting local businesses, I'll always buy from these small grocery stores. If I'm traveling...
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

What Are Your Favorite "Broke" Foods?

I usually always keep a bag of potatoes on hand, which I buy when they're on sale, so I can always make some kind of dish from potatoes. Yep, eggs are another good option. , do you like oatmeal? Hot cereal instead of cold can be a good...
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

Saving At Restaurants

I was not condoning skimping on the tip. I just mentioned it, because I've seen some discussion (sometimes, heated discussion) about it here. It's definitely not an option, for me. I don't do the split thing either, but people...
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

Do You Eat Canned Soup?

I don't eat it however my daughter loves it. I always have to buy her the canned soup with the Disney Princess's on it (that's the only reason she eats it) but it keeps her happy so I let her have it.
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

Cheap Ways to Add Color

I would love to have more houseplants. I'm just terrible with them. My husband calls me a plant killer or the black thumb, lol. This is a good option for those who can keep plants alive though. They add a lot more warmth to any space and make...
1 hour ago - - Home & Garden

Eyeglasses - Online Or In A Store

Eyeglasses are one of the hardest things to purchase online, in my opinion. Even if you can see pictures of them from every angle, in a model's face and everything, it's hard to picture them on your own face. So it's hard to know if...
2 hours ago - - Fashion & Apparel