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That is a fact, especially at 7pm when I am starting to cook dinner and they are already starving, anything smells good to them. They like when I grab them and show them what's inside the pot lol, it's great to be a kid!Meat and...

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Hmmm.I didn't realize that there were so many who couldn't abide celery. I love it stuffed with pimiento cheese or peanut butter. I love it with cream cheese, too, but try to avoid that. I also love it cooked in tomato dishes but can...

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Five Below

This sounds more like the dollar stores instead of Five Below. We have a bunch of stores like Dollar Tree, etc, where everything is a dollar. They're even lower quality than Five Belows usually.

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Should Kids Or Parents Pay For College?

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Salvation Army = Legit!

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Sore Throat

Oh right, I do this one too. It also helps kill off any bacteria that might be hanging out directly in the throat and it comes with somewhat of a natural numbing effect. This works well on mouth sores (like canker sores), too. It doesn't feel...

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Confession Time! What Are Some Of The Crazy Things You Have Done To Save Money?

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