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Vacation Fund
Not really high. I like vacations, but my work schedule is very hectic, so I don't really have time to go to far places. I still save some money though in case I suddenly want to take a trip by myself or with my friends.
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Travel - 12 minutes ago
What presents do you buy when travelling?
I usually buy food/delicacies that can only be found in that country or place. I also buy keychains and shirts for my friends. For myself, I buy ref magnets with different designs because I really am into them.
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Travel - 14 minutes ago
DIY wall clocks?
I heard somewhere that there are people who are making their own clocks. I searched online for the ways on how to do this, and I found this article. Here are some of the pictures, and you can check the article on this...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Home & Garden - 16 minutes ago
Growing Your Own Produce?
Yes. I have a vegetables garden. I have okras, gingers, oregano, basil, guava, tomato, and eggplant. It really saves money especially if you love vegetables. However, it's really sad when your plants get devastated by...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Home & Garden - 21 minutes ago
Travel Packages
I always book myself because I do not trust on any especially for the travelling because many scams is happening and I already book the hotel, rooms and manage all the tickets myself before go to the tour.
Posted by: kasi in Travel - 23 minutes ago
How often do you wash the dishes?
Hahaha. This is the dreaded house chore. We never had a dishwasher, so we washed dishes the traditional way. Because I am the youngest, I never really had this chore. Also, when it's my turn, I would just ask my mom or...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Home & Garden - 24 minutes ago
What would you want your last food to be?
I think it has to be my dad's homemade pizza recipe. It was fantastic and the taste lingers in your mouth and you'll be begging for more. I hope my dad didn't put anything suspicious on it. But yeah I would eat that...
Posted by: deathbyprayer in Food & Drink - 24 minutes ago
Frizzy Hair
Help! My hair is very frizzy. I tried using hair serums, conditioners, leave-on conditioners, and various other hair treatment formulas to no avail. The last one that I used no longer makes my hair manageable. Do you...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Fashion & Apparel - 28 minutes ago
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