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By sidney 1 hour ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

Do You Have A Favorite Author?

If they were written before 1950, then they must talk about obscure topics? What is the subject being discussed in those books, assuming it's non-fiction? If it's fiction then I'm sure it's one of those old novels, am I right?

By missnc35 2 hours ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

Make money selling old books!

I think this is a good idea if you have a bunch of books that are unused. I have a lot of old textbooks that are stuck in a drawer at home, so I would gladly sell them and make extra cash, no matter how low, because I don't need any of them...

By Denis Hard 2 hours ago in Travel

Your Preference?

I don't like crowds. Never did, won't ever. That's why I always avoid places where there'll be lots of people be it on the beach, streets, etc. In any case I've come to discover that almost everything tends to be cheaper...

By sidney 2 hours ago in Fashion & Apparel

Do You Like To Wear Short Shorts?

Hahaha!! Her name is Cara Delvine. I'm not sure if I spelled her last night right, but you get the picture :) Saying Miss, followed by the object's name, is a term of endearment that people in the gay community often use to address...

By Denis Hard 2 hours ago in Online Shopping

How Do You Tell That A Shopping Site Is Legit?

There are millions of scammers on the net and thousands of phishing websites out to steal some money from you. Because of that many people who want to do some shopping online may choose to buy only from sites like Amazon but that forces them to...

By Magic Pixel 2 hours ago in Software PC & Mac

50% off Acronis True Image

Right now Acronis offers 1 license free with the purchase of upgrade or a full version, you can find this promo on their page If you are interested in 40% off Acronis True Image 2015 for pc and mac check coupon code

By Denis Hard 2 hours ago in Misc & Others

Research Online Before Buying, Offline

The web can be a great place to find out the "real" prices of products/items, etc which you intend to buy. Since some stores tend to overprice their products, finding what the products costs online could help you avoid getting ripped off...

By Rosyrain 3 hours ago in Home & Garden

Finger Hut And Stores Like It

In my opinion ,they don't have the best deals on certain items. Plus they sell on credit, so you owe them monthly payments and interest, just like a credit card.It's better to buy good quality pans one by one than to buy a cheap set of...