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What Are Your Favorite "Broke" Foods?

Vegan Red beans and rice. The most expensive items needed are, well, the red beans and the rice. All of it adds up to about $8 for 6 to 8 servings. A healthy vegan meal for about $1 is pretty hard to beat.Anyway, the recipe is , structured and...
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

Frozen Yogurt Or Ice Cream?

I'd take ice cream over frozen yogurt any day of the week. There are just so many flavors and types to choose from. I know it's unhealthy and has a million calories, but I eat it rarely and in small amounts.Come to think of it, the is...
1 hour ago - - Product Reviews

How Do You Avoid Eye Strain?

As much as I try to avoid it, I still run into eye strain on occasion. I do try to take breaks, shift my focus away from the screen, and keep my eyes moving, but sometimes I forget. I also turn my screen brightness down a little bit, but not too...

8 Tips To Save Money For Your Most Wanted Wish-list Item

I work at a charity second hand store. The number of things we get donated that people bought, then decided weren't quite the right choice, would astound you! Your advice is fantastic; unless you're made of money, make sure it really...
1 hour ago - - Product Reviews

Lotion, For Super Dry Skin

Try seeking out the ingredients, rather than pre-made lotions. Many lotions use great bases, then add scents or other ingredients that actually cause skin irritation or dryness. Olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter- find the least-processed...
1 hour ago - - Product Reviews

Do You Shop For Groceries Online? What Site Do You Use?

I just recently started shopping for groceries online. Fruits, veggies, and dairy mostly. Not from big supermarket sites though. There are a few farmers in my area who had basic websites set up. They blog about their day, post pictures of their...

What To Do With An Old Pair Of Jeans

I have made really cute shorts out of my old jeans. If they are already too worn out to wear, I would just probably thrown them away or just what the others have mentioned, you can be a bit artsy-fartsy and make a purse out of it. :)
1 hour ago - - Fashion & Apparel