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Latest discussions on forum

By Colebra 1 hour ago in Home & Garden

Rechargeable Batteries: Are They Really Worth It?

Yeah, back ups really are important! I don't know if its just me, but they seem to run down quicker than regular batteries.

By sidney 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

Do You Like To Wear Short Shorts?

I might reconsider my stance on short shorts if I could tan. I have Scottish blood in me so I have never been any darker than ghost white.

By kana_marie 1 hour ago in Misc & Others

Paper Or Plastic?

Not to mention at farmers markets you are supporting local farmers instead of some faceless, corporate billionaire!

By DrRipley 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

Which Clothing Items Are The Most Difficult To Buy For You?

I know what you mean! The bigger shirts make my shoulders look really broad, too

By kana_marie 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints


I live in the UK and have been impressed with KFC lately, the staff are friendly and efficient and the premises are clean and well presented. In contrast McDonald's staff are generally rude and they regularly get orders wrong.KFC are the...

By davidweeb 1 hour ago in Freebies and Giveaways

Offers Targeting All Countries

HelloI want Offers targeting all countriesOffers gifts if possible

By Scottie 1 hour ago in Mobile Apps & Games

Making money from smartphone apps?

I think OP was asking about the possibility of making profit from making an app and monetizing it, guys. In that case, yes, of course. As long as people use it, you will get ad revenue.

By Dora M 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

Soap leftovers

If I were you better get rid of them best :)