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Coke Life ?

I have never heard of Coke life...but a Coke that is made from all organic materials is certian to be expensive. It may not be as sweet as traditional coke either. The soft drink bands are no doubtedly losing money big time now as people are switiching to healthier...

I might be addicted to Gadgets

But aren't you interested in gadgets that can help you find deals? that can save you time searching for bargains? It may take a bite out of your bank-account (if you don't want to take on the humility of asking for hand-outs from friends-&-family) at...

Has Anyone Ever Taken A Trip To Lagos , Nigeria

I do not think you should go to Nigeria. Boko Haram is much more serious than the one time attack in NY and DC. Nigeria is a very troubled place because of this very active violent group. I don't know about the situation in Lagos specifically, but the northern...

Ben And Jerry's Vs. Hagen Daaz

These are two ice cream brands I absolutely love. They are never on sale at the same time, so usually the sale price is what makes the decision for me when I'm in the mood for some really good ice cream.One thing I really appreciate about Ben and Jerry is that...

Best Way To Grocery Shop For Less?

Clip coupons, check the flyers every week and shop at the stores that have the best buys even if it is several different stores. You can buy the generic brands. A lot of them taste just as good if not better then the name brand items.

Our Convection Microwave Has Saved Us A Lot

I have a friend who also likes using a convection oven. He got rid of his actual oven years ago as he never used it, and it was taking up space. He now exclusively uses a convection oven and microwave to do all his cooking tasks he finds that the two of htem do jus...

Which do you think is the better one to give to our lovely Moms?

I read this post and it really warms my heart. I miss my mom so much. She passed away last year and life has been so different since then. For those of you who still have your moms. treasure every moment you have with her. Make the extra time to spend time with her...

Vanilla Coke

Our local shop has just started selling Vanilla coke, and it is lovely!I have never tried vanilla coke before this and I have to say I have been missing out for some time! I have tried the cherry version and the new cola life which I did not really think much of, but...