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How you make your quick meals?
To answer you OP: I make my quick meals never slow, medium, or partially quick, that's for sure.
Posted by: valiantx in Food & Drink - 12 minutes ago
Making your own coffee
I make my coffee at home every day. I use to get a cup from Starbucks but that last price increase turned my off of Starbucks. I don't really like the coffee so it was not that hard. Over $2 for a cup of coffee when I...
Posted by: Pat in Food & Drink - 12 minutes ago
What is your favorite Whiskey?
The usual whiskey I drink is Jack Daniels, which is good with coke or pepsi, although I prefer ginger ale the most for any mix liquor and soda drink. The most premium whiskey I've ever drink was Blue Label, and that was...
Posted by: valiantx in Food & Drink - 14 minutes ago
Putting the coins away
One year we used a large wine bottle to collect the coins and used the money as the kids christmas gift money, what ever was the total in the bottle they got to use to do their christmas shopping it came to more than...
Posted by: Pat in Savings & Investments Plans - 17 minutes ago
New study on milk
At one time a study would be announced and people paid attention to the new findings. Now with a new study coming out controdicting all of the old or newer information they seem to be just another person talking that...
Posted by: Pat in Food & Drink - 24 minutes ago
What type of oil
Olive oil is my usual way to go for frying most of my foods, but at other times, I use lard from previously cooked fatty foods that I store in a pot or jar, and let that do the frying instead. In my honest opinion,...
Posted by: valiantx in Food & Drink - 24 minutes ago
Which brand of jeans do you prefer?
I'm not very particular with the brand of the jeans I wear. As long as I find the jeans comfortable, light, quality and not too tight, then I'd wear any brand possible. Design and color matter too but brand's the least...
Posted by: xTinx in Fashion & Apparel - 26 minutes ago
Can stress cause diseases?
Stress can be a large contributing factor to a lot of diseases like ulcers. Stress can cause sleep problems which would cause you to be unfocused and could lead to injury.
Posted by: Pat in Health & Beauty - 28 minutes ago
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