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Enables merchants to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payments.


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I tend to only buy jackets, coats or sweater that are second hand. They are better value and I like leather jackets that are worn in. Sometimes I can find a dress that is unusual and can adapt it, but it can be a risk,...
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Oh no! Commit to buy on eBay!
Yeah there's also something you have to watch out for as well: when a seller insists that they combine shipping, you still have to confirm your purchase before they send you an invoice with the new shipping cost and...
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Boxing or MMA - which sport entertains you the most?
As for boxing this is what also annoys me: ---Quote--- MMA is more entertaining to me. I like a bit of boxing but a general boxing match is just two guys hugging each other between a few punches. ---End Quote---...
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Beginning of the school year
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The key to the BlackBerry's usefulness is allowing users to stay in touch when they're on the go or in places where a laptop is too cumbersome to use, or to sift e-mail as it arrives to enable greater efficiency for...
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