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Enables merchants to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payments.


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Learning How To Drive
I learned to drive a long time ago at the age of 14. My first car was a stick shift, lots of fun. I have taught my daughters to drive and even had a job teaching teenagers to drive. It does take a little bit to get...
Posted by: Pat in Auto & Moto - 5 minutes ago
Health Insurance for a self employed person
You might want to look into a HMO where you go to one place and all of your care is under one roof. I worked part-time just so I could get health insurance at one time. I was still self employed but I worked the hours...
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Printing pictures
I do still print pictures. I like to print sets of photos into photobooks, because they are easier to store and view that way. My favorite seller of photobooks is Adoramapix, they offer pro quality at prices comparable...
Posted by: mariee in Misc & Others - 13 minutes ago
What is your favorite "gift" store?
I still go to the mall and shop, not particular store to get a gift. I like to feel and see the items before I purchase them. I know I can return items if I don't like it but online shopping does not make me happy.
Posted by: Pat in Gifts & Flowers - 18 minutes ago
What Antiperspirant / Deodorant Do You Use?
None of the above. I have changed most of my body care products to homemade versions to reduce the load of xenoestrogens and other harmful chemicals my skin is exposed to. Skin does absorb everything you put on it...
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Rewards for good behavior?
Positive re-enforcement has to be something the kid values, if not it will not work. I have had one grandson tell me he didn't care if he got the treat or not when he was reminded that if he kept up his current...
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Soup or dessert
It would depend on the type of soup and the dessert, if the dessert is chocolate I am goind for the dessert over the soup. I do like soup but not all soup is good.
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Foods that mess with our health
It is diary for me, ice cream is not my friend. I eat my cereal with yogurt, and I have started using Almond milk with my cereal to avoid stomach pains. No cream in the coffee either. I have tried drinking those ice...
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