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    50c Off on Orders

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    Qwertee: 50c Off on Orders

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    Hi Guys, use the discount code to get £1/€1 off today's great t-shirt "Street Fighting Plumber" Only £7/€10

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    We've just cracked 10k followers on Twitter! Thanks! First 50 people to use the discount code will get $/€/£1 off next order!

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    €0.50 off Procrastinate shirt.

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    Qwertee: €0.50 off Procrastinate shirt.

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    Take $0 Off

    Q-DoctorWhoNewsPage Get Coupon Code

    I don't really wear t-shirts, but I just had to have this. Use code to save $0.50. Doctor Pooh

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    5% off

    winchesterbros Get Coupon Code

    Qwertee: 5% Off Supernatural t-shirt

    by 36 Votes
    Last vote: NO
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This is so true. I find myself often throwing some clothes, that should be washed by hand, in the washing machine because it's more convenient. Then again, I often buy second hand so caring for my clothes is not that...
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