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Latest discussions on forum

Telemarketing calls - how do you deal with them?

I keep things nice and simple, I don't answer my phone unless I know who is calling me. The only exception for me is if I am job hunting. I don't like being rude to people on the phone but I don't like wasting my time listening to people asking me...

Aldi - Love Or Hate?

I go there or to Lidl, which is basically another store but with more or less similar brands, quality and prices. However I tend to go for fruit and veg and also for canned food such a tinned tomatoes and crisps and such...... I am quite picky about meats and I have...

Birthday Treats Besides Cake

Oh, that is a great idea . Why didn't I think of brownies? lol They would be perfect, especially for who I'm thinking of. She loves chocolate. Frosting them would make them so simple to decorate too. I could write her name on top just like with a cake. Of...

Working Out With Youtube

I have recently become obsessed with YouTube from watching Blogilates! to watching just the beauty gurus talking about everything and anything. I also like to listen to their guided meditations sometimes.... Around exam time I can get really stressed and I think the...

What Is Your Most Worn Item In Your Closet?

Black skinny jeans! I wear them all year long nearly. For work I wear them and then just out and about. I honeslty can pair it with anything and not worry about clashing. They add to an outfit and in my opinion are such a staple piece if I were to invest in one...

Hello From Mesa, Az

I am so glad to be here!! Looking forward to a wealth of knowledge. My name is Jay. How is your day going so far?

Cheaper To Exercise At Home?

I use the cheapest form of exercise there is, biking or walking to work every day (3 miles one way). Walking is what our bodies are designed to do and they work best when they do it all the time.On top of getting fit for free I save car payments, insurance and parking.

Do You Have A Workout Or Diet Buddy?

I'm currently in the process of developing my own routine, and haven't really considered an extra "help-lending" hand in the equation, but now that you're just mentioning it, I might do it sooner than expected, haha. Though I really...