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Located in Harveysburg, OH. Visit the 16th Century and see Jousting , Robin Hood, and Queen Elizabeth I.


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  • $3 savings OFF the gate price!

    Buy tickets online and save $3 of the gate price for adult tickets and $1 for child tickets.

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  • $25.00 for 2 adult

    $25.00 for 2 adult

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  • 2 tickets for $25.00

    2 tickets for $25.00


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  • two tickets for $25.00

    Two tickets for $25.00


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  • $3 off

    Save $3 on General Admission Adult Ticket

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  • 25% off

    25% Off on 4-Person Discount Combo Ticket Package

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  • ohio renaissance festival 25.00 for 2 adult tickets

    Ohio Renaissance Festival 25.00 for 2 adult tickets


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  • Only $27.!

    Two tix to Ohio Renaissance Festival for $27. Use code until the end of the month


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  • Only $25!

    To celebrate the premier of Full Metal Jousting, get 2 adult tickets for $25 until the 25th! Use Promo Code when o…


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