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By Tiara Murphy 1 hour ago in Online Shopping

Amazon Subscribe and Save

I'm so like this too. I first discovered Amazon's groceries when I was laid up for an extended period of time. I only had to send my husband to the store for fresh foods (milk, bread, veggies and meat). I live in a fairly rural area, and...

By Colebra 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Do You "vote" With Your Money?

I absolutely agree with 'voting with my money." I also try to choose a local business, or at least regional, before I go to a big name corporation to spend my money. I also believe in putting "my money where my mouth is." I am...

By junemoon 1 hour ago in Home & Garden

Do You Buy Flowers From A Roadside Stand?

Oh, yes, this is a great deal. You could not buy a bouquet of dahlia's from a flower shop for $5.00, if they even had dahlia's stocked. Dahlia's are a specialty flower and run $3.00 or more per stem.A bonus from buying flowers...

By daleo717 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Do you think we are paying waitresses wages by leaving a large tip

I think if you don't leave a tip it's disrespectful to your server and makes you look cheap. I have been a cocktail server and waitress and was getting paid $4 per hour. I was on my feet moving all day and delivered service with a smile,...

By kana_marie 1 hour ago in Product Reviews


I actually really feel like if someone wanted to quit smoking, then vaping would be a very helpful way to ween oneself off of the smokes. I have myself an electronic cigarette, and I have an assortment of vaping oils too. But I did not want to...

By jneanz 2 hours ago in Product Reviews

What is your favorite kind of cheese?

I am a good old fashioned sharp cheddar girl. I have sliced sharp cheddar as well as shredded sharp cheddar in my refridgerator at all times. I also like mozzarella string cheese to snack on by itself. Even though I always have cheese I try not...

By Strykstar 2 hours ago in Seasonal & Holidays

Wrapping paper

Sometimes we also run out of wrapping paper in our household too lol. Over the years we have accumulated many gift bags and bows that were wrapped around presents and gifts that were given to us. We decided to keep them, because they were still in...

By thelovelyone0 2 hours ago in Fashion & Apparel

Is Anyone thinking of Making thier Own Clothes?

I don't know how to maneuver the sewing machine but I do know how to sew by hand using various sewing styles. If I pursue the latter option to make my own clothes, it will take me an awfully long time. I am more concerned about cutting...